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[Bug] Game should save as soon as you restart a race

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Today you can restart a race as many times as you want and then close and reopen the game: all your restarts will be back. First of all I think this is probably a bug, since I don't imagine CM purposefully designed it this way. Secondly, since I've discovered this my brain refuses to take the career mode races seriously. I've been driving more dangerously, which in turn leads me to do stupid things, which in turn leads me to restart, which is keeping me in this vicious cycle. Before I knew this, the moment I realized I was too fast for a corner I would involuntarily get in complete fear and do my best to not crash. When I did crash, I would simply reset the car and keep going. Now, however, even though I consciously know that I should be driving safe, I don't get the necessary subconscious fear and anxiety to make that happen. And when I crash, even though I feel compelled to just "be honest" and keep going, I feel extremely frustrated knowing that I could simply restart again and again. I mean, you know what I'm saying. That is why you designed this game with hard restarts and real damage anyway in the first place: to entice fear and give that sense of realism and authenticity. However, that immersion is broken when you know that when you come back to the game tomorrow all your restarts will be available again.

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yeah, like in community events, right?

in the meantime... get more self control haha

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