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Game looks washed in DX12 HDR mode

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There's something weird in the newly introduced DX12 HDR mode...

It's like the game is refusing to use my personal color settings when in HDR mode, i noticed recently that there's a switch that happens in that splash screen (the one where Vettel and Hamilton look in the mood for a staring contest), and the game switches from my more vibrant personal settings to the greyer and duller default.

I didn't have this issue when F1 2019 DX12 was locked to SDR (looked much better than current HDR), and F1 2018 DX11 HDR, both seemed to play with my vibrant settings just fine.

I'm on GTX 1070 Win 10 pc.

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The PC version has no HDR support. 

Let me guess... You play in windowed mode and HDR enabled in windows. 

What you see there is the adjusted SDR picture for HDR mode. You can adjust it in the windows HDR settings. (ppl believe it works for so many games and than they complain about it) 

True HDR always needs HDR data. No HDR signal no HDR picture. And as I've said, the PC version of DR 2.0 has still no HDR support.  Seems it was more important to add VR. 

That's the reason why it looks different but worse than the default SDR picture. 

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