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I am struggling with Feel.

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Long time sim racer and league racer. 

With this year's release, I am slower and more frustrated than ever. Not sure what's happening. 

I am lacking feel around the track. My throttle management and steering input feels numb. I am using a Thrustmaster TS-XW with up-to-date firmware. I had been messing with the FFB within the game and I can't figure it out. FFB is working but, its not translating or correlating in what I am experiencing. 

As a result, I am slower this year relative to top times. Usually, I am in the Top 3% of TT and League races, I am always contention, now, I am Top 8% or even Top 18%. 

Any of you are experiencing the same thing? Bug? Me? Quick Fix? Pro tip, anybody?

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