This confirms that in Time Trial we should always be able to get the fastest laptimes in the game, which begs the question:   Why are some tracks slower in the game compared to real life?   This thread is dedicated to this question and a few issues have been found out, mainly a lack of downforce and the suspicion that drag needs to be adjusted too to have less drag in general to get better acceleration, @Hoo @RedDevilKT:   1. Would you kindly, please have a look and give us some clarification and tell us whether or not the dev team will investigate the lack of downforce compared to real life?    I strongly believe the game needs around at least 20% - 30% more downforce to be able to replicate the real life performance around fast corners such as Turn 9 at Spain at appropriate wing settings (no team in real life runs maximum downforce at Spain, so using 11/11 wings in the game for that track is insane just to be able to get similar performance and speed around fast corners as irl), tried modifying on PC and this little change (+30% downforce) worked wonders to make the cars go faster and hit real life perfomance easily at 7/7 or 8/8 wings.   Meanwhile through modding, i also altered the drag level of the car to be around 3% less and it gave the cars the needed acceleration.   All in all, at the moment the cars are not in sync with real life performance on patch 1.12 and this needs fixing as you were too gentle with the 1.05 patch which did not give us enough downforce unfortunately.   2. Would you kindly, tell us if we are ever going to get another car performance update to make the cars faster?   Car, team and driver performance deperately need another update.   Cars need more downforce, +30% and around 3% less drag.   Teams need to be adjusted accordingly, eg. -Racing Point needs to be slower than McLaren and Ferrari needs to have much faster acceleration and straight line speed than Mercedes. -The car ride height of each individual team needs to be homogenized, as at the moment some teams such as Ferrari do not create any sparks even at the lowest ride height of 1/1 on specific tracks, whereas others such as Mercedes create a pyrofestival at 3/5 ride height.   Also, the drivers need to be adjusted accordingly as well, eg. Ricciardo getting a buff, Gasly getting a nerf etc.   3. Would you kindly, tell us if anything asked in this thread will be looked at / fixed and or will be left untouched, so that we can stop posting about the same issue over and over again and finally move on?   It is frustrating and disappointing to not get any official answer by Codemasters on this subject.