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VR, DirtFish & Patch Notes: Version 1.7 of DiRT Rally 2.0

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Welcome to Version 1.7 and the moment many of you have been waiting for, VR has arrived to DiRT Rally 2.0!


VR for DiRT Rally 2.0: Available Now on Oculus and Steam

Today’s update makes the virtual a reality with the release of DiRT Rally 2.0 on Oculus, and the addition of OpenVR support to the Steam version. Ever since VR was teased many months ago it’s been at the top of the community’s wishlist and now it’s here. This is the perfect time to revisit the game or jump in for the very first time. You can read more about the announcement in our press Release over on Codemasters.com, and you can buy the Oculus version here.

The Oculus version of DiRT Rally 2.0 also contains a set of exclusive Community Challenges, and exclusive liveries for 5 cars:








Naturally with today’s news there will be a number of PlayStation fans who are wondering if a PSVR version of DiRT Rally 2.0 will become available. There are no plans to add PSVR support to DiRT Rally 2.0.


DirtFish Liveries & Test Drive Location: Free for all Players





Also available in Version 1.7 today is a whole bunch of free content!

DirtFish has been added to DiRT Rally 2.0 as a Test Drive location, and with it come a bunch of new liveries. To access the location select [Garage] from the My Team main menu, and then [Vehicle Options] and [Test Drive].

DirtFish is expected to be added to Freeplay in a future update. There are currently no plans to add it to Multiplayer.







Patch Notes: Version 1.7 of DiRT Rally 2.0



  • Added support for OpenVR (Steam version only)



  • New Location: DirtFish (Test Drive only)
  • New Livery: DirtFish – SUBARU WRX STI NR4
  • New Livery: DirtFish – Opel Adam R2
  • New Livery: DirtFish – Ford Fiesta OMSE SuperCar Lites
  • New Livery: DirtFish – BMW E30 M3 Evo Rally
  • New Livery: Per-Inge Walfridsson – Lancia Stratos



  • Resolved issue where negative times were being displayed on Leaderboards.


My Team:

  • Tyre compound choice will no longer reset to Medium after every Stage.



  • Added support for more scheduling options when setting up Club Championships.



  • Added Turbocharger audio to Lancia Delta S4 (Rally).
  • Resolved texture error on Ford Escort RS Cosworth.
  • Resolved texture error with bonnet underside on Citroën C3 R5.
  • Resolved issue with Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec’s brake lights not working.
  • Improved appearance of ŠKODA Fabia Rally (Up to 2000cc) tail lights and spoiler.



  • Bikernieki, Latvia – Corrected grid slot ordering for Rallycross Heats
  • Bikernieki, Latvia – Resolved issue where starting lights would not activate.
  • Bikernieki, Latvia – Resolved collision issue with specific rumble strip.
  • Łęczna County, Poland – Improved lighting effects on grass.
  • Łęczna County, Poland – Corrected time of sunset from 04:16 to 18:55.



  • Resolved issue where Engine Upgrades 5 and 6 for Peugeot 205 T16 Rallycross were inverted.
  • Resolved issue where ghost targets were not tracking correctly on Stage progress bars.



  • Made fixes to certain issues preventing “Adaptable” from unlocking.



  • Portuguese – Correction to text translation of “Hard Tyres”.
  • German – Correction to text message for when users load a Tuning Setup.
  • Spanish – Corrected co-driver callouts for certain turns on Polish stages.



  • Added official support for Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 (AO) on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • General stability improvements and minor bug fixes throughout the game.


And finally, some updates on hot topics within the DiRT community:

  • There are no plans to add PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally 2.0.
  • Issues where audio cuts out mid-Stage are currently being worked on and should be resolved in a future update.
  • Issues where Tuning Setups revert to default when taking part in Club Events are are currently being worked on and are expected to be resolved in the next update (1.8).


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I just tried it with my Valve Index and the SteamVR side of things isn't working correctly. 

First, if I start with SteamVR on before i click to start DR 2.0, it wont open up. I have to have SteamVR OFF and start DR2.0 and then it opens up SteamVR and goes into VR automatically. I dont have a choice to choose monitor or going into VR because it detects my Valve Index HMD is connected to the PC. How can I go back to using the monitor?

Also, there is no mouse cursor. When I try to go through the menus I have to use F4/F5 and I cant lift the HMD onto my forehead to look at the keyboard to do this. 

There's no button to reset your VR view until you're actually in the car and hit escape and that's where I found the option to reset VR view.

Please let me know how I can go back to using my monitor with Dirt Rally 2.0 until these issues are updated/fixed? I always have my VR headset connected and all other games start with an option to choose monitor 32/64bit, or VR 32/64bit. DR 2.0 currently goes right into VR with no option to choose monitor, and not having a cursor is a big issue right now. 


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Yeah, I imagine PlayStation players and their anger. Probably they will be pissing on this game big, yellow stream of urine. Personally I **** this.

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As a PS4 player, who liked the DR 1.0 VR, I sure would love to see PSVR support for DR 2.0.

Maybe there will be a lack of quality, due to the PSVR restrictions, but as a PSVR owner, we know that and are used to these restrictions.


Hope to see this in a future update ...

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