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DirtFish liveries

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The new Dirtfish liveries look amazing and my wish/suggestion is to put it in the game on more cars, particular for RX Supercar (licenses for the logo's should now have been gotton, and therefore no problem?)

For example this one on the Ford Fiesta MK7 RX Supercar


Or this one on the Subaru WRX STI RX Supercar?


In real life the Subaru team also run an DirtFish livery for Higgins

image.thumb.png.cf4caef6dd2f386b45cf4b6a2384d673.pngA_sneak_preview_of_the_Dirtfish_Subaru_of_David_Higgins_for_GRC_Seattle.jpgAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Higgins Subaru dirtfish rallycrossGerelateerde afbeelding

And maybe the return of DiRT 4 Dirtfish liveries for the Impreza and RX Lite

image.png.7e23073e50e2ba076770c31d047a1ed6.pngAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Dirt4 dirtfish livery

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And maybe also add to the 2008 S14 Impreza? 


Or add the Dirt Rally 1 RX Impreza with the Higgins DirtFish and Subaru rallycross liveries 😄 

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