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DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 VR Feedback


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PC Dirt Rally 2.0 V1.7 Rift-S via Steam... running fine with the following settings:

Rift S via STEAM

NVidia GTX 1080-TI

NVidia Drivers 436.02

Intel i7-7700

48gb ram

Steam VR 1.6.10

Storage Samsung SSD 970Evo 1TB

Device manager - All connected USB devices set Power management - un-check allow computer to turn off this device



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On 8/10/2019 at 9:37 PM, andrewuk1990 said:

Hello, I am sure you are aware of this problem as it existed in Dirt Rally 1.0 as well, but it's even worse in 2.0. The problem I am talking about is Auto Exposure in VR. On the internal cockpit view it causes terrible over and under exposure fluctuations which spoil the otherwise good looking game and immersion. Please can a simple toggle option be provided in the graphics menu to turn off this auto exposure adjustment because after all, it is an effect and not realistic, as well as making things either far too dark or too bright depending on the conditions. External camera views don't seem to be as negatively affected by this in the same way as the cockpit camera and in VR it is especially bad. 

Otherwise I am having a great time since the VR update and much appreciate the implementation regardless of a few bugs such as the above.



The problem is not auto exposure (our eyes do it, by dilatation of the iris), the problem is the very low static contrast ratio (aka static range) of the virtual cameras, which reproduce the crappy ratio of real cameras instead of reproducing the high ratio of the human eye. The result is that what's displayed is under or over-exposed as soon as there's a bit of bright light or shadow, and auto-exposure makes the brightness fluctuate dramatically to "compensate" the low static contrast. Which is unrealistic, annoying and ugly in many places.

To illustrate what happens, imagine the scene's total luminance as a very wide band, and what the cameras can capture as a small portion of this wide band. Auto-exposure then calculates the average luminance of the current scene and centers the small range of capture on this value inside the wide band. This small range will then be stretched to the full range of the headset's display (making things look over contrasted), and everything outside the small range will just be displayed as pure black or pure white (or pure "whatever color", due to the post process filter applied on top of the image).

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