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DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 Bug-Reporting Thread


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2 hours ago, MaXyMsrpl said:

Sometimes headlights (at night) turns off for a fraction of second. Mostly while landing after jump on or while hitting steep bumps

Its not a bug 😄 You have damage on your car, that's why it do it 

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1 hour ago, CM_Ads said:

@JorritVD @Czar90 thank you for reporting this. I have now logged this internally. Hopefully we can get a fix out for the next update but sadly can't promise that.

I know some other parts frome experience

The AI is pretty slow in approaching Turn 8. Braking very early and taking the turn quite slowly



The AI seems to be a bit to strong in both the hairpin and the joker. Both mid-corner and exit, they seem to have much more grip.


Through the chicane of T3 and T4 the AI seems a bit to strong.
Approach for T6 the AI seems a bit slow. After that the AI stay very in the middle of the track (like they have put on rails) and therefore looks awkward. The look fast, but impossible with those lines. 


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Initially I though that too. But it blinks even almost immediately after stage start (with no damage). So maybe headlights are getting damaged by hitting bumps or so. I mean crossing bumps in proper way but more aggressively.

And about the effect: do anyone think that temporary headlights blackout is even close to realistic? I doubt TBH.

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Before I "re-post" a bug/graphical issue, I have few questions:

1. How likely is it, that someone from the team is looking into smaller issues on the stages, wich are not really critical to run the game, just look bad?

2. Do I really have to post every single issue seperately, because I have many small similar ones, but nothing critical.

3. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/40210-dirt-rally-20-version-16-bug-reporting-thread/?page=5 On these 3 vids posted by myself, can you see what I meant, when viewing it in 1080p in full screen-mode? I can't, because for some reason the vid stutters heavily for me, but in smaller resolutions you can't see it anymore.


I mean, I never saw a fix for graphical issues on tracks in the Forza-Universe, so I assumed always, it's way too much work for small things like that to fix.

But this wall in one of the Argentina-Stages, wich is only there in 1 of the 4 variants it should be, drives me crazy 😄

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Platform: PS4 (DS4 Controller)
Deluxe Edition Owner

I found this glitch first using a Mini Cooper S in Australia, and tested to see if it was reproducible with the MG Metro 6R4 in USA.

Glitch Steps:
#1: Make sure you have bought the "Repair Ability" for your Co-Driver. (I was using P.Mills at the time)
#2: Start a Rally Championship in Career. (Glitch was found while on the Clubman difficulty, I have not tested to see if it happens on other difficulties)
#3: Participate as usual, until you get to the last stage. While on the last stage, terminally damage your car. (Crash into a tree, Hinkelstein, etc. I was half way through the stage, although I'm not sure if the length of the stage matters, as long as you terminally damage your car)
#4: When it asks if you would like to return to the Service Area (Using the Repair Ability), Click on "Yes"
#5: The rally will end as usual, showing that you finished in X position with 0 points.
#6: On the "Championship Details" page that appears immediately after, go to "Championship Standings" and it will show that the leader, and subsequent point scorers will have received double the amount of points for a single rally.


From what I can gather, The issue is the game takes the overall results after the previous (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th) stage and uses them as the final results for the rally and awards points for each driver's position in the standings. Once that is done, The game then randomizes the final results for the rally after the last stage (Post self-inflicted retirement) and awards points (Again) to the final points scorers.

J.Thomas is first after Stage 5 and Stage 6. 30 + 30 = 60 Points to J.Thomas
K.Wójcik is tenth after Stage 5 and ninth after Stage 6. 8 + 10 = 18 Points to K.Wójcik

Another indicator to this glitch is the "Results" column in the screenshot above. The "Results" column refers to the actual place finish for each driver. (Has been tested below)


S.Stemnes should be on 135 Points, not 165.

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Further info on the crash issue reported by someone else earlier in the thread.

No issues or changes to system until 1.7 patch, now the game will crash in varying ways if i have Chrome open. 

1) When service areas load

2) When game starts just after first splash screen (results in main .exe crash + report sending)

3) When game starts just before first splash screen.


The crash is a CTD, normally without an error.


Platform Steam

Intel chip

AMD graphics.

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I noticed stuttering in VR in specific situation. It appears only when rains (the same place without rain doesn't stutter). What is interesting, the stutter is accompanied by water flood over windscreen to extent the road is almost invisible. It looks like 4 times more water drops than normally. Obviously I don't know if drops causes stutter or stutter cause some issues with drops animation. But the relationship is here.

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  • What platform you're playing on. 
  • - Steam, PC
  • What your PC setup/build is like (if playing on Steam).
  • - i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 750Ti 
  • Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user.
  • - Deluxe
  • Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc.
  • - No

Bug noticed in Super 1600s RX custom championship, after finishing an event and pressing continue to next event, screen will freeze and next event won't load, forcing you to quit the game

EDIT: Confirmed in Group B RWD custom championship, game freezes on this screen:20190815133305_1.thumb.jpg.6b1235d7922eab73268c458bf451c60a.jpg

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  • Codemasters Staff
18 hours ago, UnderclassGDfan said:

1. How likely is it, that someone from the team is looking into smaller issues on the stages, wich are not really critical to run the game, just look bad?

2. Do I really have to post every single issue separately, because I have many small similar ones, but nothing critical.😄

1) We have people from the team regularly checking the forums for all issues. Bigger issues will be likely be aimed to be fixed as highest priority.

2) If the issues are linked or very similar please feel free to put them in one post.

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Please also provide the following:

  • What platform you're playing on (for PC also state Steam or Oculus).
  • What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.).
  • INTEL I9 9900K; NVIDIA 2080TI FE, 32GB RAM, WIN 10
  • Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (doesn't apply to Oculus).
  • Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc.

Unable to rename saved tuning setups in VR - no way to invoke keyboard control. This works fine in 2D.

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• PC, Steam user.
• Windows 7 professional 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3450 3.10 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB.
• Deluxe user.
• OSW Simucube (steering wheel), Fanatec CSS SQ 1.5 (Shifter), BU0836-LC Interface (Pedals), BU0836A Interface (Handbrake).

Bug: as shown in video, speedometer of Ford RS200 Rallycross, inside the cockpit, doesn't work!

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fanatec handbrake blocked by default.
it would be nice to make the handbraketrigger adjustable in dr2.

since first DR2 version i have to start a stage, and then:
hold handbrake
replug cable
hold handbrake

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One more thing. Now I compete in rally event and sometimes I crash and roll my car. Then the co-driver doesn't finish saying his command. But further commands appear on screen instead of '?'. What is more, I expected that something like '?' will be included in the game after I watched this:

Look at 0:46.

So, is it a bug, which hasn't been fixed so far?

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Car gets damaged by transport... or with different livery apply... i dont know 🤣

PS4 Pro / Deluxe / nothing extras connected, just tv and standard PS4 controller.

There were yesterday two RX Supercar dailies. One at Estering and one and Holjes.
- I started with the Holjës one. I had no damage. (I used that D+ Season 2 livery with german stripes)
- Than I went to the Estering and my Audi S1 (and choose the Snap-On black/orange livery). But suprisingly the car had full frontal body damage. Or something happened with the livery apply by my crappy crew... or something happened in the transport to the Estering... or my crappy crew used an older body panels...

As you can see, I can't repair the vehicle (there is no "!" in front of the "Repair Vehicle" option).


Just look at this guys face, even he is devastated from it


To have a fresh car in the event, i damaged it a little bit in a practice round, so it could be fixed and I could make some nice screenshot. 

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I'm not sure how relevant this is (if at all) but when the ingame audio cuts out it also affects the Xbox one X audio.

I borrowed a copy yesterday to gain some achievements, one of which (drive a clean Monte Carlo stage) was done in total silence. When the 30g achievement popped up the Xbox chime was distorted and on pressing the XBox home button to check further achievements I noticed the side scrolling menu 'swoosh' was also missing.

 Just an observation....

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Dust hanging at RX tracks

I don't know if it is a bug or not or more a wish. But imo the dust created by cars is to thick. It should be less thick, but hanging much longer. And with multiple cars it makes it thick.
Now it is gone after a few seconds. But in real it can hang quite a while and even for the whole race. 

In DR1 this already happened and it stayed hanging for the next, although the thickness of the dust created behind the car was far from enough. So in that aspect DR2.0 is much better.


So my advice would be:
- Thickness of dust like in DR2.0, but a little tuned down (maybe 80-90% of it)
- Time of dust more like DR1. (In DR2.0 its maybe 10 seconds? - make that +/- 40 seconds or something)

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In Freeplay mode - Argentina, the first stage it selects -  I hear the co driver say "ok come to a stop" or whatever he says, Screen fades to black - the sound gets stuck, looping over and over from the point when screen goes black - and game is totally frozen. 

It happens constantly on this stage - i just tried a random australia stage - game finished fine and went back to the 2D screen on completing the stage. 

I have to ctrl + alt + delete and end task from task manager. 

Steam VR says "Oh no! SteamVR has encountered an unexpected problem" with code (-203)

I've tried it with other stages, same result. 

My system:

Valve index, GTX 2070 Super, Windows 10, 16gb ram. Frame rates and everything are fine. Gameplay is great. 

Input Devices being used: OSW for steering/ffb. 

Fanatec clubsport wheel via USB for buttons/paddle shift. 

Fanatec shifter for handbrake.

Fanatec clubsport pedals. 

Please help, why can't i complete a stage, the game plays and drives fantastic! 😩

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