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Alternative RX track lay-outs and night RX events

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Two suggestions:

  • Give the RX tracks alternative lay-outs (this was also available in DiRT 4)
  • New weather condition: Night

The rallycross tracks in DiRT 4 has alternative lay-outs (some better than other), but give extra variation, also for online racing 🙂

This years WRX had a night race in Abu Dhabi. It would be cool that maybe the current RX tracks also get a night weather option. I believe the F1 games also have this options to do a night race at f.e. the Monte Carlo track. It would f.e. be nice to do an RX event at night in Hell. Also I remember DiRT 3 had f.e. night RX at Monte Carlo, which gave cool lightning effects. I know RX don't have lights at the front, so there should maybe be added some moveable lightposts at the turns of the tracks. 


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