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Dirt Rally 2.0 for SteamVR Users (Valve Index, Vive, Pimax, etc)

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Hi Everyone,

I have posted in a few subreddits and was wondering if everyone else using SteamVR is having the same issues?

1. There's no way to change it back to using the monitor without changing a line in the Hardware Settings ini file to "VR Enabled = "False" "?

2. It stutters with or without motion smoothing and I tried SteamVR SS 80-100% with the same results and Medium Graphic presets also. Has anyone gotten it running smoothly and looking decent? If so please share your settings in-game and in SteamVR.

3. No mouse cursor

4. Won't start in VR if SteamVR is open before Dirt Rally 2.0 is started up after.

5. The HUD seems like Slim stains on the display. They're 1 millimeter thin. I can just barely tell there's a HUD there because I can see there's a Rev limited display on the right and the slim track line on the left, but I can't tell what it says. It's all out of whack. I have a feeling they designed the VR around the Oculus Rift/Rift S resolution and it's skewing it badly.

Anyone else finding these issues or others? If so, have you found ways to fix them?

Has anyone with a Valve Index, Pimax, etc., gotten it running well? If so, PLEASE share your settings!

Thank you to the entire DR 2.0 community. We got VR in it, now we gotta work on the optimizing!

Thank you codies, PLEASE keep at it - we need VR support.


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Not using VR but game has become unplayable on monitor due to graphics glitches (freezes every couple of seconds) introduced by this 1.7 update. Changes to graphics seems to make no difference whatsoever - please, please fix this Codemasters! Every new update seems to introduce new issues.

PC on Steam(Deluxe) 
GeForce GTX 1050 
Driver version 431.60 
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU@3.60Hz 
1920 X 1080, Hz60
Logitech G25 w/shifter 

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With my Odyssey it's not playable and a scam to call this BS VR-support! I hope CM is getting sued for this piece of ****. 

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well with my Samsung odyssey its fantastic yes ok it runs at between 45 fps and 50 fps but that's fine I have my vr legs and 45 to 50 is far better then what I get in dcs so I am happy with it so I don't get your comment maybe you have a problem with your pc ? 

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