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The game has gone into overdrive 9999 very hard to achieve

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Hi to all  ( Pls see attached )

I’ve just been reading some of your comments in relation to cheats and whether people can really achieve 9999 without cheating etc etc ....

 So I thought I would attach some proof to put all your minds at rest. 

It is very possible and is 100% achievable but believe you me it will be very very difficult anyone thinking it is going to be easy think again, you have to be so patient because believe you me they will wack you off the track from behind from the side you name it you’re going to have to be fully prepared for a battle every time you hit the track, the minute you make a mistake the minute miss your hair pin go into the corners too deep you will know about it big time.

My advice is to keep a mental name check on who you are racing at all times and that will give you some indication whether you are racing somebody else or an al car and, Just to add to your headaches all tracks will have a different momentum and speed ratio so make sure your car set up is suitable and upto the job for that particular track good luck guys because you will need it.

If you take a look at the attached photo of myself versus Francesco then check the elite league leaderboard on F1 Mobile he does not exist hence this is a ( al car in full glory )




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