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It's time for telemetry

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On 8/16/2019 at 9:30 PM, Striker_703 said:

Changing of the tire pressure, camber, diff, suspension. I didn't make any changes to the areo. I used these two pages the most during testing. They gave me the most information.


These two windows allowed me to how the tire reacted to the change in camber and tire pressure.


This window allowed me to see how the car reacted to the change of the suspension. The main thing I was focused on was the G-Meter 'The Circle Graph' and the steering, brake and throttle graph. The SBT graph showed me where I got more comfortable with set-up and why and the GM graph showed me how much the car is moving. I'm still trying to see if any of the data is stored anywhere. It would be nice to overlay your progress. I'm thinking about doing a stream to show this app can be used to set-up the car, along with understanding the car better. Key word 'Thinking' 

Glad to see that you are getting so much out of this 🙂 A lot of information is stored in the online portal that you can register for from the front screen of the app. The you can get to the information here:-


You can look at the information at the site or export it to Excel. The graphing information is not available this way though, just the raw race data like lap times, tyre temps, tyre pressures, fuel level, fule usage, gap to leader, etc. From an online race it also provides the lap times of all drivers and gaps for each to the leader.


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I've been reluctant signing onto the portal @Hammerpgh62due to I'm very critical of my driving skills and extremely competitive with myself. I'm always pushing myself to be a better version of myself. I guess that's why some feel I'm cocky but I see it as confidence. The confidence to see where you're failing and where you can improve. Now that I have the rs Dash, I'm able to see the data on where I can improve. Blasted man, I go to it. 

Thanks LOL

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I just starting to use SRT app on PS4 it's useful even though I still trying to work it out 

But it's about time this is included in the game it's a basic part of F1 racing since the 70s I sure.

We have two screens in pit lane use them both, it's just like the wheel pc have more functional available than PS4 on the same wheel 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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