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When you see a few of the same names again and again, you begin to see habits.

Learn to step back. From launching yourself at others, CM, whoever. It's nothing but negatives and rambling from you. You're in your late 30s so I believe, should probably try act like it and not a teenager. I think you're lucky you haven't been moderated.
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Just feel there hasn't been a time in the past few years where things have looked so good from a racing perspective, expecially if you are on PC, and I guess I feel frustrated that people can't see that.

Dirt Rally is great fun. Project Cars is out in 10 days, and F1 in what, 5 weeks or so.

And of those games at least 2 (Dirt Rally and PCars) are more sim orientated if that's what people are into.

F1 is likely pretty much complete now, and all over bar final tweaking. We're not going to get any changes we ask for on here now, so probably just best to wait and see what it looks like and then give feedback.

I know people on here really care about F1 and are desperate to know what its going to look like, but hassling Cm is hardly likely to make them change their entire marketing schedule, which is now probably set in stone anyway.
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I'm not going to close this thread, I don't like doing that. All I ask is this bickering stops and we just have good debates on the original topic. :)

If it doesn't stop then warnings may be handed out.
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