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Does the AI follow parc ferme rules?

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Hello there, new at the forum.

I just have a doubt about parc ferme and the AI.

In career mode, 1st year, AI is around 80%, I already had both situations, a dry qualy and wet race in Spain and a wet qualy and dry race in Canada.
In both cases I ended dead last in those Qs, in Spain case the AI was putting normal dry times so no way they had a wet setup but then in the race they had no drawback, they were putting lap times similar to mine. The same happened in Canada, went to the Q with the dry setup, ended 18, but then in the race the AI was putting normal dry lap times.

So, my guess is the AI can tune the car after parc ferme?....if that's so I'll disable it so everyone is under the same rules.


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