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Time Trails suggestions

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I have a couple of suggestions for Time Trails:

New filter: Country
In the game you can only filter the times only on all set times or friends. It would also be nice to filter on Country. As I am Dutch, I would like to see if I am maybe one of the faster guys from the Netherlands 🙂 

New filter: Car
Please also add a filter to check what times are with the same car. So if I set the time with the VW Polo RX, I would like to see if I am one of the fastest with that car. It would be nice you could set multiple times with every car. F.e. in RaceRoom I was the fastest with an older spec Audi R8 LMS ultra on Zandvoort. But maybe in the overall rankings I was the fastest with the Corvette. 

Add to website
The website now shows Community Challenges and Clubs. It would be nice that Time Trails standings also would be added to this with filter options and stuff.


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