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Game Randomly freezes Video in VR - unrecoverable

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Played the VR mode for 2 days without a problem but then started getting a random video freeze. When it happens both the sound & video freeze for a moment, then the sound recovers ( the game is clearly still running as you can here the car engine responding to the accelerator & the co driver is still wittering away) but the video stutters between the last 2 frames continuously. If you ALT+Tab at this point you get a crash displaying a "send report" box saying "Access Violation at 0xc9eccde7 in module 'DirtRally2.exe' +0x81cde7. The game then closes but in the headset the picture is still there until you restart SteamVR.


Im running an

i7 7700k

16gig ram


Valve Index


Thrustmaster rs300

I've tried verifying the game files & steamVR (alls fine). Reinstalled the Thrustmaster Drivers, Reinstalled my GPU drivers but with no change.


I tried the game back on a monitor and it runs fine, I also tried different VR games and they all run fine.



I tried changing the Pagefile size in Windows and the game still crashes just with a different "Access Violation" address.


*Edit 2

I may have fixed the issue by reseating the cooler on my GPU. It didn't appear to be overheating but I wonder if the memory chips weren't being adequately cooled.

Screenshot (30).png

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Potentially fixed - Gpu Memory cooling issue... maybe?

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I also have massive problems with Dirt Rally 2. Was able to play well before, now the game crashes as soon as I get into the track preparation (tuning, test drive etc.)  or seconds after the start.

The picture freezes (image still), in the menu I can still hear the clicking sounds of the menu tabs - but the image stays frozen. When alt+tab out of the game, the "Dirt Rally 2.0 has stopped working  -  Access Violation" box with sendreport shows up.

The first letters/digits change from crash to crash, the code in the end +0x81cde7 stays the same.


What has changed since the game was playable:

- New fresh windows 10 install, all latest drivers and updated (also 1903)

- New RTX2080ti

- Oculus Rift S  (did try Dirt Rally2 in Steam VR, but the game crashed there also after a few meters of driving). When disconnecting the Rift S, and starting Dirt Rally 2 again, the whole PC crashes and the screen flashes in all different colours/grey noise. => only hard reset works

So I changed the hardware settings file in personal documents folder to "VR=false" , so I can play on the screen again.


But I always get this error. Unfortunately, the link to a "crashfaq" doesn't work - the page doesn't exist.



What might be the problem here??




dirt rally crash 4.PNG

dirt crash 3.PNG

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After going down with the resolution from 3840x2169 to 1920x1080 the games seems not to crash anymore.

The hardware should be able to handle 4K quite well...


i7 7700K

16GB Ram



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I have the same problem, the image freezes, flips between frames, the game still works because I can hear it. Also using SteamVR, but with HP Reverb WMR and using 2080Ti.

This doesn't appear to be Dirt's fault, because I had the same freeze in Project Cars 2. This appear to be SteamVR related.

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Access violation at address 0xeaf576c7 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x 8a76c7.

Having the same issue. Only in DR2.0....

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