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Unlock all cars in Complete Edition? (Removing database_restrictions not seeming to work)

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Hey guys, finally got around to playing some DiRT 3 tonight now that the force feedback fix is in - it's like falling in love all over again! I have a question though - I was hoping someone had figured out how to unlock all cars right off the bat. Previously that was accomplished by just removing database_restrictions.xml, I thought, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick this time. I would just play through it again but I've already beat it entirely once on PS3 and about 1/2 way on the GFWL PC version, and I know I won't have time to beat it a third time now that I'm working and stuff (growing up sucks, kids, remember that), so I was hoping someone had some ideas here. Half of the fun I have in this game is making liveries and whatnot but I'd like to keep my hands off the database files for the time being so that I can still go online, so if there's a way to unlock all cars without having to touch the DB itself, that'd be ideal (although I do have Ryder's DB tool if it comes to that). 

Thank you very much! 
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Ledanek said:
I'm hoping a resurrection of ACAT. 
I wish to run that Scion on any track.
ACAT would be nice but at this point I just don't want to be at high levels to have access to certain liveries, since those are the ones I overwrite for putting in new liveries :tongue: 
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