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Incorrect Career Mode Qualifying Simulation

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I'm in Season 2 of my Career on the game and at Singapore. Ferrari/Red Bull have fallen to the 7th and 8th fastest cars and Alfa Romeo has the fastest car. 

I'm currently at Haas and at Singapore, I got knocked out in Q1 and Q1 is accurate to where it should be. 

The front row is Mercedes, they have the second fastest car so that's possible.

However, the next 2 rows are Ferrari and Red Bull lockouts which isn't accurate in any way to my current season. It's only accurate to real life which is what I think the simulation is based on seeing as Ferrari had a front row lockout in Germany and Charles Leclerc got pole position in Monza despite only knocking me out of qualifying by 3 hundreths in Q2. Leclerc then fell back to around 8th at Monza in a 50% race. 

The best Alfa Romeo is Lukas Weber in 8th and Nico Hulkenberg in 11th without any grid penalties. In spite of this, Lukas Weber had won about 7 races in a row from Monaco to Hungary so the Alfa Romeo is quick in the races.

It's frustrating as the grids replicate how it is in real life regardless of how it is at the current stage of the game meaning you have Alfa Romeos charging through the field and Ferraris holding up the pack getting a head start on where the should be. 

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When you are out it Is simulated like season 1 race 1 perfomances, it Is here since R&D and they just dont care, to avoid simulation play short quali or just one shot

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