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Idiot racers online

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I may speak for a few.... but does F1 2019 not have any fair racers ? It’s ridiculous the amount of people who deliberately shove you, and crash into you JUST because you’ve overtaken them... or... they’ve been leading the race and with 3 laps to go you overtake them and they get so annoyed they decide to ruin your race and theirs by smashing into you.... it’s pathetic and boring. 

Does anyone understand the meaning of sportsmanlike ? Or “fair” racing.

I come across it way too often in these lobby races. 

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I feel your pain @adamgbr44.

But, unfortunately, I don't think that there's much that we can do; ...just expect it I suppose, ... 🤷‍♂️

I'm afraid that the fair racers online are few and far between.  When you do meet them, its a breath of fresh air and makes online racing against others, from all over the world, very enjoyable indeed. But these instances are rare ☹️

I expect to see them (idiot online racers) now, ...and I just hope for the best (try to avoid them on track, ….. I say "try"..... 😖 ) But that's why I tend to play Career Mode much more often that Multi-Player (Online). 

Good luck mate.

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