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Dirt Rally 2.0

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Hello from Germany 😉

I cant tell enough how nice it is that codemasters bring the estering Buxtehude..since i was a child i Watch the rallycross races there..

In all this Years i saw so many nice cars and drivers! I am personally more fan of Rallycross but also WRC..

My Wish is: Make more and older cars from the 1600 class and Group b

For Example: VW Golf 3 and 4, Volvo V40, Opel Astra / Corsa, VW Beatle RX (oh thats a nice car), older cars from Renault, BMW 320, Skoda Fabia RX, Audi Quattro, Porsche 911 Gt3 and maybe different cars from Mercedes

Please hear my Wishes 😉

The Song "Show must go on" changed in "Dirt must go on"

Love this game

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