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AI too fast when you advanced the time in the sessions

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Sorry I was in the wrong forum,

Could you move it to the F1 2019 Technical Forum?


Sorry to come back with that, but the problem still exists since the 2018 edition.

Whenever you advance your time in qualifying or in free practice, the AI goes crazy.

For example, during the FP1 in Mexico, I made a 1.16.1, I was 7th.

I advanced the time and at the end of the session, I was in 18th position.

I restarted the session, I made a 1.16.2, 8th, I did not advance the time, I waited for the end of the session and I remained 8th.

Whenever the game simulates AI times, they achieve incredibly faster times.


The game is incredible but it's very borring to wait for the end of each session without  advanced the time.



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