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Patch Notes for 1.08 - Off Topic Discussion Thread

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Hi all,

All of the posts not related to the patch have been moved to this thread to help keep the discussion thread on topic and easier for the team to track any issues related to this patch. Thanks,

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@Faya it is fine that you are still working for improvements. But first we don't need some cosmetic updates. There are several major bugs in the game. Would be nice if the team could give us some informations if they are working on it.

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Love this patch, nice work!

- I love the virtual mirrors, great for the cockpit view players
- Finally the online championship is back, was waiting for that
- AI is perfectly balanced now, no need to swap around the difficulty per track
- No weird driver transfers mid season anymore that don't make sense
- A slider for the possibility of rain in your championship, how convienent!
- We now get to vote in multiplayer to restart a race? How do you guys come up with that stuff, that's amazing!

And the list goes on and on. Keep up the great work, guys!

(I'm just teasing, cheer up ;))

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1. What about the car performance update?

Cars are still at least 1 - 1,5 seconds off the pace compared to real life, ingame the cars have too much drag, are too slow in highspeed corners and have too much understeer, whereas in real life the cars have low topspeeds, ultra fast acceleration, crazy cornering speeds and drive on rails. Needs fixing ASAP.


2. What about the engine sound?

Engine sound is still underwhelming, it sounds as if the engines are barely revving, engine sound is at least around 500 increments of rpm out of sync as the sound at 12300 rpm should be audible at 11500 rpm or 11800 rpm.


3. What about the driver transfers?

There is too much movement in the paddock, too many drivers swap teams and some transfers don't make any sense e.g.: Hamilton moving to RBR even though he is leading the championship at Mercedes, thus losing the fight for the title.


4. What about the r&d progress?

R&d upgrades of AI teams are way too frequent, a car should not be able to gain over 1 second in half a season.


5. What about the mirrors showing a non illuminated track during night time?

At Bahrain, Monaco, Singapore and Abu Dhabi during night time the mirrors do not show the track in a illuminated manner, making the mirrors obsolete for that time of day. Seriously at the moment night races are a "nightmare" for cockpit users because the mirrors are useless.


6. What about the Rain Spray Effect being too light?

According to Lando Norris, the rainspray in F1 2019 the game is too light and should be much more dense to make visibility almost impossible during wet weather conditions. At least give us a graphical option to increase this effects density to our liking.


7. What about the blinking rate of the Red Backlight?

At the moment the blinking rate of the Red Backlight is not correct, during corners the blinking rate should be slow and on straights the blinking rate should be much faster.


8. What about the AI driving on multiple lines instead of forming Trulli trains?

Currently, more often than not, the AI tend to form the notorious Trulli train instead of driving on multiple individual lines to try to pass or do a dummy etc. making the "spectacle" rather dull.


9. What about the ridiculous performance and r&d pace of Butler and Weber?

Both fictional AI drivers are OP over 9000, they far outperform their peers, even a Hamilton or Vettel is no match to them, especially Weber seems to have taken a sip off the "FAST GUY JUICE", also wherever both rivals sign into on the paddock a massive amount of r&d boost is guaranteed for their team, needs to be nerfed.


CM pls make your customers happy and fix these issues.


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By the way, what is up with the DRS Zone at the start finish straight of Germanys lovely Hockenheimring, wasn't it removed in real life?


If so, why is it still in the game, needs to get fixed as well.

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12 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

F2 2019 seasson?

Post patch 1.05, we are working through a number of updates which are a little further off, but these should all be made available over the next couple of months

  1. Paul Ricard Pit Lane Update – July/August
  2. Visual Car Updates – August. You will be delighted to hear that we will be adding the Ferrari 90 Anniversary logo onto the engine cover as part of this update!
  3. F2 2019 Season – September

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Another issue i found, a cosmetic issue which is connected to the cars setup. 


Certain cars do not create any sparks, unless i use 1/1 ride height.


For example at Spain, if i use Mercedes and put the ride height at 3/5 the car will create a firework of sparks making the track into a pyromaniac festival, but with the same ride height setting Ferrari does not create any sparks at all.


Williams and Ferrari are two teams that create either no or a very limited amount of sparks, unless a very low ride height such as 1/1 is chosen.


Do all the teams have different default ride heights, if so, why?


Isn't the 2019 FIA regulation demanding the cars to be at a certain standard minimum and maximum ride height, shouldn't therefore all the teams have the same ride height and thus create the same amount of sparks when set to 3/5?


What exactly was the reasoning behind this discrepancy?




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7 minutes ago, SturmDesTodes said:

Ein weiteres Problem, das ich gefunden habe, ist ein kosmetisches Problem, das mit dem Setup des Autos zusammenhängt. 


Bestimmte Autos erzeugen keine Funken, es sei denn, ich verwende 1/1 Fahrhöhe.


Wenn ich zum Beispiel in Spanien Mercedes benutze und die Fahrhöhe auf 3/5 stelle, erzeugt das Auto ein Feuerwerk aus Funken, die die Strecke zu einem pyromanischen Fest machen, aber mit der gleichen Fahrhöheneinstellung erzeugt Ferrari überhaupt keine Funken.


Williams und Ferrari sind zwei Teams, die entweder keine oder nur eine sehr begrenzte Menge an Funken erzeugen, es sei denn, es wird eine sehr geringe Fahrhöhe wie 1/1 gewählt.


Haben alle Teams unterschiedliche Standardfahrhöhen, wenn ja, warum?


Fordert die FIA-Verordnung von 2019 nicht, dass die Fahrzeuge eine bestimmte standardmäßige Mindest- und Höchstfahrhöhe haben, sollten daher nicht alle Teams die gleiche Fahrhöhe haben und daher bei einer Einstellung von 3/5 die gleiche Menge an Funken erzeugen?


Was genau war der Grund für diese Diskrepanz?




It is a game of Bugmasters. Therefore, it is normal 😀

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Also, when will the console players get the ability to customize the HUD?


It is currently available for PC players only, it works flawlessly and gives us more options to play the way we like.


CM told us that it might get patched in at a later date for consoles, so what are the chances now, or do CM plan on making this a "new" console feature for F1 2020?


Seriously, CM what are you doing?

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