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Hi! This is me, Real racer...

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I love this game. I see the purpose of the game is to improve yourself as racer. So here is me in the game and the setup of my car.

hope you share yours and we compare notes and can’t wait to meet you on the track. It comes down to how we drive, how fast we take corners.

also, I am identifying myself with a 1 in front of my name, so you’ll know I’m from this forum. I’ll try to have a clean race if I know you’re from here too.












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Hi Ros, 


well ive previously identified myself, and came to forum to shout YAYYYY I finally got a legendary box 😂. Here with a pic of my car with markings so you will know if you are racing an real driver albeit a Sunday one, or an AI

Am still working on the ideal setup’s to use to cover the different tracks, once have what I feel works for my driving style will share as well.


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