Over the last while we've seen issues where players on Steam report stuttering and general FPS issues, and after investigating it a bit further we wanted to put together a short guide to help with this.   WARNING:   Windows PC users: Disable Game Bar in Windows Settings. Disable "Steam overlay while in-game" in Steam settings. Make sure "Compatability Mode" is disabled on the .exe file for DiRT Rally 2.0. Enable Vsync and verify that the Frame Rate setting is at 60hz.   If you're using an NVIDIA graphics card: In NVIDIA GeForce experience settings: Disable in-game overlay. In NVIDIA Control Panel > Configure Surround > PhysX: Select your graphics card in PhysX. In Manage 3D Settings: Find DiRT Rally 2.0 in programs (most likely under Steam) > [Add] In the settings for the program select the following:
. CUDA - GPUs: [Use these GPUS] > Choose your graphics card model.
. Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: 1
. Power Management mode: Prefer Maximum Performance
. [Apply]
  In-game: Graphics: Set [Crowd] to anything below [Ultra]. Ensure that multisampling is set to an appropriate setting for your PC spec.   Additional tips: Remove all non-essential USB devices (including wheels and VR equipment) before launching.
Once the game is launched plug in the devices you wish to use.
  Alternatively you can disable all non-essential USB HID devices through the following steps:
Device Manager > Human interface devices
Right-click on the relevant USB devices and select [Disable].   If you were having stuttering or FPS issues before this, please try the above and share your results in this thread.