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Request: Roadmap - Bugfixes

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1. Will you/CM publish a roadmap telling the players and community which bugs you will fix in the future and when they will be fixed?

-> A roadmap like we already got for the performance patch, Paul Ric pitlane update etc.

2. Or do we get at least any info if the major bugs are "under investigation"?

3. Any news about "real car performance" for leagues (to create a Coop Championship) and/or between session saving will get into f1 2019?


We know everything needs time. We would just like to hear what is planned and what not. Thanks!


Off-Topic: (Things that should/could be changed or at least investigated)

1. What about the car performance update? (Cars are still at least 1 - 1,5 seconds off the pace compared to real life)

2. What about the engine sound? (Engine sound is still underwhelming)

3. What about the driver transfers?(Too much movement between top teams and drivers; to much mid season movement; there should be maximal 1 driver switch mid season and 1 or 2 after a season; not the top drivers if they are top 1-3 in the championship rating)

4. What about the r&d progress? (too fast for AI; sometimes strange research priority of top teams like ferrari is the 7th team because of only researching quality control etc)

5. What about the mirrors showing a non illuminated track during night time?(Monaco, Bahran, Singapore, Abu Dhabi)

6. What about the Rain Spray Effect being too light? (we need a higher density)

7. What about the blinking rate of the Red Backlight?

8. What about the AI driving on multiple lines instead of forming Trulli trains?

9. What about the ridiculous performance and r&d pace of Butler and Weber?

10. AI is driving on rails. There should be more racing incidents

11. Virtual mirrors

12. SC is broken (only comes out when the track is blocked a long time or randomly when a AI car retires; it should also come out duo to big crashes like in real life)

Just for example...


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I couldn't agree more.

Codemasters lack of information and communication is awful.

How hard can it be to inform your customers.

Apart fron F1 2015 I have bought every f1 game but F1 2018 will be the last one if they don't act on the ongoing request for info.

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Good idea actually. It would eliminate all of the frustration that everyone feels from not really knowing if things will be addressed or not.

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Sadly will not happen. Games companies don't publicise when they will fix a fault with their game in advance. They'll take feedback from us, investigate, fix it and drop the patch. It's only then that they tell you what they fixed.


Timelines are for things that are not broken but planned like additional content for example. Publicising a timeline to say, "Hey this is what is broken in our game which we are aware of but they won't be fixed until this time," is not good for business (i.e. reputation and advertising the game) and also what's to say they can definitely fix the issues? They won't know until they investigate and if they've already investigated they might as well fix it there and then not hold off til later.


I'm sorry but we'll have to just keep giving feedback with examples, proof and what you did that may have caused the issue so they can find the issue quicker and get a fix in as quick as possible.

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So lets hope that after the last "anounced" patch for august/september (F2 2019 cars/drivers) they will fix the major bugs and give us the online Coop Championship back.

The last years they dropped around 10-15 patches. This year we started on 1.03 and the F2 2019 patch wil be 1.09/1.10...so I think there could be major bug fixes/Coop Championship in patch 1.10-1.14....

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