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Geometry and texture bugs after the livery update


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On 10/3/2019 at 1:46 PM, RedDevilKT said:

@BiohazardBGR thank you for all of your feedback and taking the time to post all the images regarding this. Unfortunately, this is not currently on our road-map to address but the team are aware of it and are taking it into consideration for the future. Thank you once again for bringing this to our attention and being so passionate about it.

Thanks for the reply @RedDevilKT. It is hard to believe such an easy problem to fix is even present when you have only 10 cars in your game and the models and shaders must be perfect when you have so small cars list to create. I understand the cars are created quicky after the reveal of the real cars but still, such bugs can be fixed easily. In 2018 this was not a problem. For example, I have Forza Horizon 4 with hundreds of cars all of them without geometry bugs or other games like Gran Turismo or drive club. I hope you avoid creating similar problems in the future. Please, guys just chek your models If I, a user can find them sure the guys that create the cars or the shaders can spot them. 

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HI @RedDevilKT and @Hoo I just want to report that the bug resurfaced again in the Ferrari cockpit view. ITs not so strong as before but it was eliminated completely and recently I noticed it again. Here are examples. It's noticeable when you start a race for the first time and shader changes, before the change its clear edge but when it's loaded it's visible. The bug did not appears in the video below, you can see there is no such change. This is two months ago. Maybe some changes were made in the recent patches. I know it's not very pronounced but the fact was corrected before is the reason to report it.

Best Regards Andrey






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