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Grid pricing differences?

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Hi there! Been a fan of the series for a long time but I'm new to the forums, anyways the Ultimate Edition of GRID on the Xbox Store is 84.99, but on Steam (and also the PlayStation Store) it's 79.99. Is there any reason that the Xbox version is more? From what I can tell all versions have the same exact content so I don't really understand the price increase? (also I have asked Codemasters Support about this, however I never received a response.)



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If it's right then I suspect it's more a Microsoft thing than Codemasters. Not really applicable to me because my preference will always be physical copies over digital. There's something deeply disturbing about having to pay (upto) 25% more for a digital copy that has no packaging or distribution costs attached and no re-sell value whatsoever. But well spotted anyway.

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