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How DR 2.0 looks like so far

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WARNING! Before you read

Following topic describes Seasons 1 and 2. If you are not owner of these Seasons and would like to play it in the future DO NOT read it if you don't want to spoil your surprise.


Finally, Seasons 1 and 2 arrived to 'DiRT Rally 2.0'. What is more, with the latest update we got to know that it is not everything, as Seasons 3 & 4 are on their way. If you think that I claim that it is making a tapeworm of this game, here is some explanation of what I meant by saying this:

a) it is not so wrong especially when some parts of Seasons are completely new, mainly Season 2.

b) imagine how much disk space the game requires with both two Seasons. And we will receive two more Seasons!!!

Yes, yes, it is not a problem, now 1 TB is standard. Actually I just wanted to say that it is huge game and it will be bigger and bigger. But will it be better as well? Yes, quite better, I think so. Ask yourself.

And now let's see what deluxe edition owners (and those who decided to buy DLCs separately) received so far.*

* I skip special liveries. Is there really something to describe?


Citroen C4 & Skoda Fabia

These cars brought us 2000cc class. While Skoda Fabia is completely new car, Citroen C4 is just copied from 'DiRT Rally'. Honestly, I don't really mind. Finding new cars is much harder than creating new locations. Besides, some things don't change and stay the same. Skoda is more interesting. We have never seen this car before. And here is some interesting fact about this vehicle. Colin McRae used to drive it. We even received McRae's livery.**

** If you are confused, it is not special livery. It is standard.

Monte Carlo

I would like to say that it is new location but it is not. It has just been imported from the previous 'Rally'. At least they upgraded it. But do you know what is interesting about this location? There is no mist as it was in DR1.

BMW M1 & Opel Manta 400

This is the beginning of Group B RWD class. Similarly to 2 previous cars, one is already known and the other one is new. These cars are devilish. Especially BMW. Its look makes you want to press pedal to the maximum but here is the danger because it is difficult to drive because this is RWD. Real challenge.


Just like Monte Carlo. Nothing new. Only upgraded location from DR1. But this location is special because of... snow. Yes, it is the location which brought snow to this game. Here controversies come out because fans Wonder why Winter Wonderland didn't appear in the base version of the game. My theory is that snow location had already appeared to DR1 and DR2.0 gave another 6 locations to us. But even if so, couldn't they make some other snow location?

Ford Focus RS 2007 & Subaru Impreza

Another old ones from DR1. This is interesting because of some detail. Look at the second one. Subaru Impreza. Nothing else. But what Subaru Impreza? There are lots of models. Was it supposed to be surprise? So here it is. Ta-da! WRX STI S14. The one, which is unwanted by us, fans. Personally I thought that it is going to be 2001 model, especially when earlier I had seen exactly this car on DiRT channel. Don't believe? Check out this. But watch carefully!



Again, location from the previous game. I don't know what to say. Any ideas? Oh, I have got one. Sometimes when you drive through Tarmac Terrors you can see a doe crossing the road. But you will not be able to hit it. No matter how fast you drive.



Now we move to Season 2. I find this Season more interesting.

Peugeot 205 T16 Rallycross & Ford RS 200 Evolution

This DLC adds Group B cars to rallycross. And even if this group had already been to 'DiRT 3', it is something new to DiRT Rally games because we have never got these cars in previous title. Here is some interesting detail. Did you know that Ford RS 200 has got livery, which had already appeared to 'DiRT 3'?

Latvia RX

Completely new track set in completely new location, which means completely new experience. Thight track with beautiful forest background. Definitely worth play it. That is how DLC should be done.


Porsche 911 SC RS & Lancia 037 Evo 2

Again, only Porsche is new. That is why I found this car more interesting to drive than Lancia 037 Evo 2. Porsche fans can be happy. I was but because of new experience.


You gotta be kidding me. This is the fourth rally location taken from 'DiRT Rally 1'. Maybe I liked this location but please, copy, paste, upgrade again? What is more, the look reminds rather of 'DiRT 4' than of 'DiRT Rally', where Wales were greyish. Even grass and trees were not so green.


Lancia Delta S4 Rallycross & MG Metro 6R4 Rallycross

Another rallycross cars from Group B. They are pretty cool. From these 2 cars I prefered MG.

Germany RX

Another brand new RX track, which takes us to completely new place to give us new rallycross experience. I really enjoyed this track. Accelerating on long straight section of this circuit is cool fun.


That is how 'DiRT Rally 2.0' looks like today. More DLCs come out. Obviously, the situation will look like with previous 2 Seasons, something copied and upgraded, something new. OK, I understand it. At least not all content is copied. Well done Codemasters.




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The 2008 Impreza is an S14, not an N14. 🙂

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