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Cars reflections

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First thing first, I love the game, as imperfect as it can be sometimes.

I read many many comments but haven't found any reference to the cars bodywork's reflections yet.

Like in many other games, I think there is a "way too much" polished effect, especially at the beginning of the stage, when the car is perfectly clean.

It absolutely doesn't mater when driving in cockpit view, but the replays are somehow loosing a bit of realism. I mean, it would be a slight adjustment, to mattify and

reduce what I would describe as a "glassy effect".

If I had 2 wishes left, I would also ask for "interactive" puddles ( ffb drag effect or at least some sound of water hitting hard the wheel whell) and ... a real rear wing on

the Subaru, like the one we use to drive in Colin McRae Rally 2.0. Might be the Subaru S4 wrc 1998 instead of 95 though.

Anyway, thanks for the hard work, and I wish you guys were given the necessary time to finish the game before release. As a dev myself I know how frustrating

a "commercial-business-nonsense-deadline" can be regarding the expected result. Never ends well in my opinion.

Thanks guys







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