After the discussion in the other topic, I decided to do some testing to try and find out if there is an issue with AI pace in the wet. I ran three qualifying sessions in different weather types at Barcelona, and a race in full wet conditions to compare the wet vs dry pace. I use a T300 wheel, no assists and AI level 105. I did multiple laps to make sure I got one in that was clean and near the limit of what I could get out of the car, to make the comparison with AI between sessions as accurate as possible. First off, the dry qualifying lap to set the benchmark for AI level: As expected in the dry on this level; within a tenth of my teammate. This was the first attempt, I probably could have found a bit more time if I tried more laps but it was good enough to make sure i had the right AI level for the wet weather test. Now onto the actual comparisons in wet weather. If you don't want to watch everything, the results are below the videos. Qualifying lap, light rain on inters: Qualifying in heavy rain, full wets: The race in full wet conditions (final part of it):   Results Dry qualy lap: 1:17.982 (+0.073 to teammate/pole) Light Rain lap: 1:29.516 (+ 1.275 gap to teammate/pole) Heavy rain lap: 1:32.468 (+0.949 gap to teammate/pole)  Heavy rain Race best lap: 1:33.996 (session fastest )  As you can see, in both wet sessions the AI were around a second quicker. Now of course, you might say "You just suck in wet conditions", but judging by how these laps felt, and more importantly the wet race pace I had on the exact same level, I don't think that's the case at all. Relative to my dry lap, I actually think these were just as good and it should not be a second off the pace for sure. In the race, it was actually spot on and felt right for this AI level compared to dry. I could match the pace of the cars around me for the whole race, and got the fastest lap by only a tenth of a second. @Faya I hope all this information is useful. I think there's definitely an issue with qualifying pace in the wet. Whether this is down to their actual pace or some other bug (simulated lap times?) Isn't clear, but I think this comparison shows there's something off.  I'm really interested to hear more opinions about this as well and If you're experiencing the same thing in qualifying ( or the race of course!)  Bonus test: I wanted to see what the AI would do on 110 and it turns out they're lapping half a second faster than the world record in Time Trial. The fastest lap ever done in TT would have earned me P6 in GP mode. Thank you if you took the time to read or watch and made it all the way here.