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No Sparks for certain teams


"Another issue i found, a cosmetic issue which is connected to the cars setup. 


Certain cars do not create any sparks, unless i use 1/1 ride height.


For example at Spain, if i use Mercedes and put the ride height at 3/5 the car will create a firework of sparks making the track into a pyromaniac festival, but with the same ride height setting Ferrari does not create any sparks at all.


Williams and Ferrari are two teams that create either no or a very limited amount of sparks, unless a very low ride height such as 1/1 is chosen.


Do all the teams have different default ride heights, if so, why?


Isn't the 2019 FIA regulation demanding the cars to be at a certain standard minimum and maximum ride height, shouldn't therefore all the teams have the same ride height and thus create the same amount of sparks when set to 3/5?


What exactly was the reasoning behind this discrepancy?"

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