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DiRT Rally feedback list

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Hey, just bought the game on Friday and played all weekend and I loved it! Very challenging and the career is good so far but the variety of tracks is holding it back, of course as this is early access this is expected. I've noticed 2 things that could be improved, the first one is mounds and surfaces that look like soft dirt piles behave like hard road, causing more flips and punishment than is perhaps realistic. A soft surface would be great where they slow you down and take some of the hit off the suspension.

The other thing is some of the calls aren't timed great. I'll get halfway through a 5 corner and get told it's tightening to 2 or 3 when I'm already in it! This causes crashes if you haven't done the course before and are expecting the late call. I know you can change the settings of how early the call comes but I mostly like the default with a few exceptions.

Great work so far. Looking forward to updates!
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It'd be neat if there was something in-between career mode and single event mode, so you're not stuck doing your 3 shakedowns to try out different settings. Not sure if it'd break the vibe of it being a sim, but as someone who's never messed with sliders or played sim racers before, it'd be neat if there were a faster way to get between the car sliders menu and a full race.

Maybe a "tuning" mode where you can adjust them on the fly on some sort of test track? I think Midnight Club 3 DUB edition had something like that, lol.

I just can't really get a feel for what things like "brake bias front/back" and "front springs hard and back springs soft" do.

[EDIT] and maybe maps or something on the various course select screens? As a rally noobie I can't tell the courses apart by name alone, and there's apparently over 30 of them with more coming[/edit]
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Here's some feedback. The noise off the E30 M3 is fu**ing awesome! Definitely the best sounding car in the game so far for me. I can actually powerslide through hairpins on Monte with it too with my setup 
Agreed. I have a stupid smile on my face all the time when driving the M3.
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mesa said:

Bug: In helicopter view we can hear the co-driver which is a bug i think.

Wish: all length replay cameras without rotating them! Only user should change them in-time! Please forget 'Codies' style auto rotating cameras. VERY ANNOYING.
that style is good for a demo or a presentation not for watch back the mistakes in a rally stage!
Wish: give Us service area with mechanicers, as we seen in Colin McRae Raly 3!

Wish: make the game modder-friendly. Look at RBR after 10 years still popular! Why? BEcuase more thousands of added cars with their skins and few new tracks for a week also available. This modder - friendly state should gives you time and money.
Look at Assetto Corsa, how they did it right, and why that sim is the most popular nowdays!

Thanks for reading. Keep up the good work. I like this game a lot!

Co driver in heli view is not a bug. Its used in real broadcasts.
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bogani said:
Here's some feedback. The noise off the E30 M3 is fu**ing awesome! Definitely the best sounding car in the game so far for me. I can actually powerslide through hairpins on Monte with it too with my setup 
Agreed. I have a stupid smile on my face all the time when driving the M3.
Haha same as me, can't wait to try it on the gravel with my setup. 
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We had almost 5 hours session last weekend with my cousins. It was a blast! First of all congratulations to Codies for doing awesome job for this title!
We ended up driving only the 131 Fiat this time to get a good feeling for the physics and handling. I personally think that game doesn't need to be a much more realistic to satisfy my sim-racing side. It's MUCH more fun this way. And the fun-factor has been missing from racing games for eternity. Dirt Rally feels more actual "game" than just another racing title. I really really hope that career mode will give  depth to make me feel like I'm part of a rally team. If you think about F1 2010 career, after the race when you can give comments to press gave very good feeling that I'm part of the team. Perhaps some similar approach to this game's career mode would be awesome! Please, make a GAME, not a simulator! ;)

 I only think this requires a bit more inertia to car body to make cars feel a bit heavier, now they feel a little hasty and bit too responsive for steering. Also grip levels are just tiny bit,, too grippy. With RWD car it would be much more fun to be able to go sideways much longer than it is now. Perhaps some tweaking to tyre physics to reduce sideways friction. (perhaps allow modders to tweak tyre's friction values??  similar values as in Pajecka tyre model). Trying to do the traditional "scandiavian-flick" with Fiat in gravel is just,,, heh, too grippy again! 

Anyways, this gives me a lots of Colin McRae 2 vibes! I personally think that CMR2 is still the most fun hot seat rally game there is. So my biggest hope is that Codies would make a local multiplayer support for this, very much same as hot seat mode in CMR2. Also a possibility to drive championship in co-op with 2-4 players at least.

I suggest to add possibility to adjust "steering sensitivity" at car setup menu, just like in CMR2. In hot seat mode different players have different taste for sensitivity and it's very quick and intuitive way for players to modify handling this way to their needs. It may not be "realistic" type of setup, but gives flexibility for hot seat mode. I also suggest for developers to fire up CMR2 and take a co-op championship an analyze why it was so awesome! ;)

 One of the biggest positive suprise was the sound environment: in cockpit view the engine sound is absolutely the most realistic and coolest thing what I have ever experienced in any racing games! I have driven Toyota Starlet rally car myself and the interior sound of Fiat got my stomach to vibrate! Take a look at some youtube incar rally videos of finnish F-Cup or Asphalt Sprint and you get the idea! Perhaps a bit more gravel sound hitting bottom of the car would be nice. At my living room I hooked my laptop with home theater surrounds and the feeling was f****ng brilliant! The exhaust sound coming from rear speakers was just mind blowing!

Wishes for cars:
-Toyota Starlet
-Toyota Corolla GT
-those two are iconic to finnish rally culture with escort rs2000 and rs1600
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bonjours et merci pour ce fantastique jeu !!!!.

Je souhaite:
l'affichage des distances des special dans le menu selection.
le choix des pneu.
des replay optimisé.(plus de camera exterieur et bas coté de la route)
plus des son ambians (cris de la foule) en course.
plus de foule sur le bas coté de la route.(drapeaux etc etc...  )
skins perso affiché dans le menu.
ameliorer le reglage volant.
pas de merde style gimkana et autres fioritures.
les menu sont trés bien comme il sont.
surtout ne pas toucher au reglage mannette il sont parfait.

PS: comme tous içi plus de pays (tour de corses en 1er hihi ) et quelques voitures supplementaire.

Encors une foi merci de m'avoir fait (re )aimer les jeux de rally.(j'ai garder tout mes jeu colin mac rae depuis le 1er sue ps1 et je joue toujours autant avec)

merci mille foi un frenchy heureux.

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Il gioco è bellissimo,ma ho bisogno di maggiore realismo.
Credo che i settaggi avanzati alle auto,che sono disponibili nella carriera debbano essere anche implementati negli eventi personalizzati.Inoltre sarebbe molto bello creare dei veri e propri campionati personalizzabili offline che non hanno niente a che fare con la carriera.
Qualche appunto:
-Aggiungere qualche scoppiettio al rombo delle auto.
-Fare in modo che l'auto si sporchi di più
-Spero vivamente che il gioco nella sua versione finale contenga almeno 10 Rally.

ps: Nel vostro staff c'è qualche mio compaesano che può capirmi? non conosco l'inglese,ma mi piacerebbe condividere le mie idee con voi.
Grazie e complimenti per il meraviglioso gioco che state sviluppando.Continuate così e ne uscirà un capolavoro.
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Wishlist cars 2000s:

- Mitsubishi Lancer WRC '05

- Ford Focus RS WRC '06

- Subaru Impreza WRC '05

- Citroen Xsara WRC '05

- Skoda Fabia S2000

- Peugeot 207 S2000

- Suzuki Swift S1600

- Citroen C2 S1600

- Lancer Evo IX

Wishlist cars '90s:

- Toyota Celica GT Four ST165, ST185, ST205

- Toyota Corolla WRC

- Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI WRC

- Ford Escort WRC

- Ford Escort RS Cosworth Group A/N

- Seat Cordoba WRC Evo2

- Skoda Octavia WRC

90s kitcars:

- Seat Ibiza kitcar

- Peugeot 306 Maxi Evo2 kitcar

- Skoda Felicia kitcar

- Renault Clio Maxi kitcar

- Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk IV kitcar

Group B:

- Lancia 037

- Renault 5 Turbo Maxi

Pikes Peak:

- Audi Quattro S1 Pikes Peak

- Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak

- Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak


- Alpine-Renault A110

Wishlist rotary cars :

Mazda /rx2 cappella/rx2/rx3/r7/rx8

Wishlist  VW cars :

VW Beetle,VW Golf Mk1

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Datsun p510,Datsun B110,A10 Stanza ,Datsun Violet 710,Datsun 240z/140z/280z/300z twin turbo/120y/1800sss,180B rally

AC/KC cobra

Alfa Giulia Super ,Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600,Giulia Racer 2 L Twin spark,1969 ALFA ROMEO 1750 GTAm,Alfa Romeo Giulia 1964 Ti/Super 1600,1975 Abarth X-19,1985 Alfa  GTV 6  3,0 L,2000 GTV,

Ford anglia ,MkI Lotus Cortina,Ford cortina 3L  interceptor,Ford escort rs2000

Fiat 128

Audi 200 Quattro

1984 Opel Manta 400 Group B Rally Car

Toyota Celica A20

Porsche 911 SC RS Rally Car

Firenza  Chevy V8 302

1979–1980 Mazda 323 1.4 5-dr

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the new game looks very nice. I'm playing with a steering wheel G25 and more than 10 hours. And the feedback from my wheel is not, what I need. I'm from Germany and my English is not good enough to explain. I need more feedback like it is in Dirt 2 or in F1 2011. Every street is not flat, there are road holes  and you feel the bumps, but not in Dirt Rally, its like the different between F1 2011 and F1 2014.
If you are driving over gravel Dirt 2 sounds very well, - Dirt Rally makes nearly no sound.
I hope you can change this.
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Only a Opel Manta 400 and i will be very Happy !

Opel Manta is the only Car what you can not find in every game!

please Give us a Opel Manta :dizzy: :smiley: 

and make please a Simulator not a Arcade game :smile: 
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I appreciate that RBR is a sacred cow for many people and I have the greatest respect for all the fans whos hard work has kept it alive all this time. Personally though I spent much more time installing it than I did playing it as I just couldn't get to grips with it (apologies for the pun). No doubt I will get a lot of stick for this, but I consider the Rally content of GT5 and GT6 to have been pretty good, although maybe the lack of grip was slightly overdone in the same way that it is slightly underdone in DiRT Rally. It's a real shame that Sony/PD abandoned the Rally aspect of GT in favour of ripping people off.
If DiRT Rally could do an even better job than GT in terms of handling/grip/surface emulation that would fall somewhere between GT5/6 and what it has now then I feel sure the game would be a winner.
These couple of videos show the fun to be had Rallying in GT5 and 6. The cars were specifically setup for maximum sideways action, which isn't the fastest way round a stage, but it's quite entertaining.



(sorry, I can't get them to embed...)
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