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DiRT Rally feedback list

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Dirt Rally is the best game you guys have ever done. Great job, looking forward to Pikes Peak (which was your previous pinnacle on Dirt 1). Thanks for listening to the die hard rally community.

Favorite aspects so far:
ability to turn off driving aids
rewards for turning off driving aids (!)
hearing the rubber part company with the rim upon driving through a puncture, then feeling the result in steering
having to work to rotate a FWD car, and feeling the surface bite on the front wheels
ability to risk cutting corners (even with the countdown, which I feel is unnecessary)
realistic physics, finally!

#1 on my wish list: Subaru 22B.
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I like the potential this game has, but it NEEDS CONTROLLER DEADZONE ADJUSTMENT asap. Every good driving game needs a deadzone adjustment, it's like driving with loose tierod ends. My controller works great with other driving games, but this game will not give me quality control with just saturation and sensitivity. In fact, if you set the saturation full and sensitivity very low, you can actually see and feel how bad the open deadzone is. It makes it very hard to put the car where you want when fine control is not responsive, I end up sawing at th controls to keep the car in control. This isn't how rally works, feels more like driving a well worn tractor wheel. 

Also, there is still work to be done with the physics for sure, once the deadzone adjustment is available it will be more playable. 

Most of all, thank you for continuing to make rally games. I hope this one gets even more serious before it's done.
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So this may be a long shot but i feel like the collisions need to be more realistic, and more violent. Rallisport Challenge 2(which until Dirt Rally, has been at the top of my rally racing games list) had it nailed. When you rolled bits of the car would fly off, your windows would break, your doors could swing open and wheels could fly off. 

As it is now with just minor skin deformation and the occasional flat tire it feels very inconsequential, especially  when you damage your car so badly you cant continue. The visuals need to represent that better.
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Hello massively talented guys n gals at codemasters. you really shined with this game. stands true to your name.  ive always watched rally on tv. and always wanted a game that looks just like the real thing. no other games have really come close i admit i loved dirt 2.  because i really liked the handling. and it felt good. and i enjoyed myself playing dirt2. dirt 3 was different somehow i couldnt get into it like dirt 2. but onto DIRT RALLY.>
Well ive just been racing in the mini.. the original mini cooper. what a great old car it was, and you could throw it about so much.  what i have noticed in dirt rally is that steering can  be a little strange on corners sometimes.. sometimes you just cant steer. having to slow down or stop to get around the corner.  sometimes having to go at a speed below 30mph. now when i watch tv. these guys dont slow down for corners at all. but in the game i feel the oversteer or understeer is greatly exaggerated sometimes some corners you seem to do well on before. seem impossible to steer at all. the mini at 30 mph and upto 40mph you could throw it around like nobodys buisiness but it feels lacking in dirt rally. when i think it should steer better than any of the other cars. it seems to be the worst. id also like to say that i think forcefeedback needs some work. when your going straight there really isnt any force feedback. only when you steer. and i really like the feel of the bumps and the gravel. you  have done a great job with it already. but i feel it still needs working on. especially with so many great humps and bumps. even when going in a straight line i feel you should be able to feel the car and the gravel on the wheels. and thats all really. i really enjoy it. its a fantastic game. well done guys. i really hope you will consider what i have said. to help make a better improved game. thankyou for giving us pc owner this great chance to help you build and create something amazing together. i think all games should be made this way. THANKYOU CODEMASTERS. Kind Regards. back to rallying now. ;)
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Been a stunning game so far, the only thing that I'd really want to see improved, which I didn't notice being mentioned, are that a lot of the tool-tips on the various in-game options tend to be rather vague.  An explanation on how increasing and decreasing various sliders affects things would be quite helpful I feel.
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Maybe import the sprint tracks from GRID 2? It's a not a big deal if we don't have them, since they're not real rally courses, but I thought that since they've already made them then they could put them in the game more easily.
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I was about to make a bunch of separate suggestion threads as per dev advice and format, but read this list on p1 and pretty much everything has been mentioned. I hope the devs use this as a checklist. Except the cars part, we dont need million cars right now, just a good game.

Still, my primary hopes are for even better pshysics, better FFB, more car damage and more detailed damage (as in axles being bent/broken, gearboxes rattling and exploding etc.) and longer, 20-30+km stages, even if just 1 per country.

Eye candy and visuals and general career feeling can come later.
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So far I am loving this game, there are only a couple of things I can think of to improve the game.

  Please add the stage length in kilometers/miles to the pre-race information screen where the terrain percentages are displayed - 3.5 miles 85% light gravel 15% medium gravel

  I have not seen an option to have community ghosts turned on, this is always a nice feature when trying to beat times to see where you are losing or gaining time.

  So far Wales is the worst location in my opinion. I look forward to events in Greece and Monte Carlo but when I see that its Wales (for potentially 8 races in a row) it makes me want to stop playing. The uneven terrain is a head ache, and the over all visual quality is not in line with the other two locations. Its drab, flat and boring. It looks like it was an after thought. 

  I am excited for the addition of Hillclimb events but I was curious if there were any plans to add CrossOver courses to Dirt Rally. These events were some of my favorite from previous games, though much less simulation oriented.  

Dude uneven terrain is the reason rally exist its kind of the reason people go out there and take the challenge, and to say Whales is descriptively flat or boring  is a oxymoron for a location that has you continuously in and out of a forest through water passing trees on loose gravel at 90mph. I just think its too difficult for you.
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First of all I want to say that I dont have the game because of my crappy pc, so as some other people also do, I would like a console version.
Next is some countries to race in. Sweden, Germany, Finland and Mexico perhaps. Theres a lot of good stages in those countries!
Last thing so far is cars. I would like to see Audi s1( I know there is a quattro but still ), Lancia 037, Opel manta 400,Toyota corolla wrc, escort mk2 with left steering, maybe some modern wrc cars (polo/i20 exc.),  Toyota celica gt four, r-cars (r2, r3, r5...)  and few 2000's wrc cars (Ford focus wrc, Skoda octavia wrc, Subaru impreza wrc, Mitsubishi lancer evo wrc) 

IkI know that the list is long and everything on that list is not possible to be implumented into game but I hope that I see atleast some of them, specially the Console version!
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Would it be possible to allow pulling up the start menu during replays?

It would allow turning down graphics settings for high framerate during gameplay, and turning them back up during replays to make them pretty.
Not really necessary, but an idea.

Also related to replays, a "mute co-driver" alongside "mute music" Don't get me wrong I love the co-driver and think the work that went into it is phenomenal, (I play helmet-cam HUD off) but I like my replays just car and ambiance.

Lastly, since I probably mentioned it earlier but hadn't thought of a way to implement it then, but maybe holding the downshift button on a controller to go straight into reverse? Maybe only while the brake is pressed if necessary? I'm trying to avoid the auto-reset as much as possible, but I lose so much time just cycling through gears, only to lose even more to the reset penalty when I finally give up and reset.

[edit]If this is just how all rally cars are, then that's fine I guess, I'm under the impression that it's just a disadvantage I'm stuck with because I have a 360 pad instead of a wheel[/edit]

Oh and seconding more information about a map during course selection screen, the names of the courses alone don't convey nearly enough information by themselves. Map preview on more than just the loading screen, track length, whether the track is a reverse of another track, stuff like that. "Custom Events" are my most played mode because I like just messing around.
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Maybe my suggestions have already been proposed (when I arrived there were 23 long pages for reading).
For now, that I could think of are:
-At least a female passenger.
-At crash into walls of snow, do not pass over them as if they were solid, but it will slow down or stay embedded.
-(In Monte-Carlo) Continuing along the road in sunny afternoon (as I recall) it was becoming light, as if the hole in the clouds advance me.
-If you can add options like in CMR or Dirt would be nice (roll bar, choice of tires, etc...)
-A little story for trajectory mode (as an excuse to go up and buying cars).
-At least one split-screen multiplayer mode. Playing with friends this game would be very nice (the only one in track problem is solved by putting a rival ghost as in the CMR 04), and why not, 4 players, that would be great (like in CMR 04)
-When choosing a stage on the left side see all possible parameters such as length, wind conditions, etc...
-Real skins for cars, I love the Alitalia team at the Lancia Stratos, the 1995 Subaru Impreza of McRae or, why not, the Ford Fiesta of Ken Block. Although there are issues with licences and images.
-A preview of the cars, like in Dirt 3, where you can see it from all angles.
-If a car crash at 120 km/h, I don't think that it can keep running.

CMR: Colin McRae Rally
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Stupid thing I have to add : 

@justbiglee It make no sense for cars that have a digital display to use the mph scale, nor it does for some cars that use a dial speedometer.

Especially the lancia, those actually use metric scale for the speedometer AFAIK....
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