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DiRT Rally feedback list

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789ifyz said:
OzoreXS said:
BWX said:
Adding 4 times the  amount of stages overall is needed for a serious rally game.

 I'd say DR already is a very serious rally (game)/Sim, if not the best of all times - but keep in mind it's still in early access...
yep, but lets put our feet on the ground. Stages to add are clearly planned over the timeline (just 2 remaining), and despite its on EA the game we will get finally will be 95% equal to what we´re playing today. Maybe I´m wrong (hope so...)

there are only two stages planned (Amendment) just before the end of this year! at the expense of 2016 nobody said anything. 
exactly. They said towards the start of EAx that they'd decide towards the end of the year whether to release the game or to continue EAx and add more content and features. Hopefully they decide to go for the latter. Hopefully they add Safari Rally. Hopefully they add some more stages to the other countries already present. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Will have not just to wait and see. We have to take an active role in inventing and support team. they are great. :smile: 
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(IMPROVEMENT): authentic night pods

Ok, this one goes out to the 3d models car artists: the cars in DR are wonderfully modeled, but some of night pods are simply wrong. As for example on the replicated Impreza 555 Impreza, the light pods should be the typical 2 fingers layout on the hood ,  instead of 4 in a row:

Im not directly asking for re-modeling the existing 555 impreza , but pls get the night face right on the "most likely" upcoming 2001 impreza WRC:

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will catching crashed or broken AI car be a thing in dirt rally?
if the player crashes you could have an AI driver catch you or if the AI crashes and you catch up with them.

 selecting tire compound and treads adding enough fuel
varied services...not after every two stages
the stage gradient and grip change depending on the players position in the event
a hard core mode where you can't recover your vehicle 
Random things on you car could break at any minute. (For older cars)
snapped drive shafts and collapsed suspension

i don't know if any of these things could be added but I love to see some of them in the game =)
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Bring back the original in car view.  I have no idea why you changed it but is there any sort of reasoning behind it?  I loved the game but I feel like I'm driving from the back seat all the sudden.
Changing field of view in preferences doesn't help?
I can't get it to look the same as before.  If anyone has some settings that match the original look I would be thrilled.  :smiley: 
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- MANY THANKS for fixing the falling rain effect issue using SLI => RESPECT!

- mouse cursor is present from game launch to countdown, even though I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller at all times. It should not be visible once a controller is enabled, only when the mouse is being used.

- tire punctures are still too common. Please have a word with the tire company!

- Ford Focus: too much windscreen glare/white tint in cockpit view and makes everything look washed out, especially compared to the side windows (see picture 1).

- Ford Focus: digital speedometer looks like it is of a lower resolution quality and is somewhat blurry (see picture 1).

- Ford Focus: rev indicator light has a very bright glare depending on viewing angle (see picture 1). The red glow of this light also looks like it is somewhat out of place instead of centered when revs are high. 

- 2001 Subaru: FOV in cockpit view needs attention. It is too close to the steering wheel (see picture 1). The FOV slider in the preferences menu is great but applies to all cars, therefore in some cars the camera is either too close or too far away from the steering wheel.

- 2001 Subaru: heavily aliased shadows on the digital speedometer (see picture 2)

- barely any rain drops on the windshield when driving at medium/high speeds on stages with rain. Perhaps I got too spoiled with the rain drops in Forza Motorsport 6, but this could definitely be improved and I am sure that you guys have the expertise to do so!

PICTURE 1: http://abload.de/img/focus2nkqw.jpg

PICTURE 2: http://abload.de/img/subaruxwj4l.jpg

SPECS: i7-5960X, TITAN X SLI, 32GB, Windows 7 Pro x64 (all stock, no overclocks)

SETTINGS: Ultra preset, 8x MSAA, 1920x1080, 60FPS (no mods or graphics tweaks)

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I had ONE disappointment.
There are only two great long different stages @ each country..all the rest is just a part or reverse from the long stages.
If you are familiar with the two long stages off each country you will quickly recognize the sprint stages.
It surely can not be that hard to make fictional stages as long as they are difference.

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I would really like a proper dual configuration for wheel users with H shifter and paddles to match what the car has like in Assetto Corsa. It's very odd to be using an H shifter + clutch in one of the Rallycross supercars when it's clearly a sequential shifter and switching so often is a pain.
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Bought the game yesterday, and really enjoy it. I'm playing with a G27, and my two issues are:
* The pace notes: Most of the time they are great, but then suddenly he starts listing turns way to much ahead. Sometimes he's 3-4 turns ahead.
* The manual clutch: If I mess up with clutch and shift sync the gear box just ends up in neutral, and to get the gear in I have to press the clutch and shift out and in of the gear again. On way of improving this could at least be to 1. Make a sound when you shift without clutch. 2. Allow me to "re-gear" by just pressing down the clutch maybe?
Another way could be to allow it, within certain limits, but apply damage to the gearbox.
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Thank you for such a great game. We still need better cockpit cam. Driver's head is usually more near roof and windshield. Fov slider is good, but we need better adjustment or different cockpit view (need to use mods for reality at this point of development). I think that colours outside of a car are also too washed and gray at cockpit view. My own car have dirty windshield but I can still see beatiful colours from my "cockpit view". Hood cam is my favourite now because vivid colours and I want to see something. I cannot use dash cam because colours.

I have played game since summer 2015 with Logitech DFGT. Graphic settings are mixed high and ultra (shaders low) and 4xMSAA.
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PLEASE IMPROVE THE CRASH PHYSICS! It's wonderful having a realistic feel to the driving but the CRASHING IS JUST AS IMPORTANT!

This is how it is now:

This is how it should be:
At 1:10 of this video is when it gets to the crashes I've come to expect from the Dirt franchise. More destruction and more momentum than any other racing game on the market.

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Dear Codies ,

just completed the Survey - thanks for keeping up with the players ideas and demands for future Dirt titles that way.

As one of the selectable points in the survey was: "ability to create my own tracks" I think you pointed out one of the most crucial things for rally sims for being enjoyable for long time and attracting many different players (see all the location requests in the suggestion box)

As I said here many times before - once more: : pls YES, let the fanbase/modding community participate in creating own stages / real world rally locations.

Be it in future Dirt : titles or still in Dirt:Rally , I dont care, but pls let it happen in the future ;)

Thanks and keep up the great work !
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I would like to thank Codemasters team for making this great game.
Thanks for turning this game more into a simulation.
In Dirt Rally I use G27 H Pattern, Clutch and handbrake that I made myself.
Thank you for making Clutch finally working, as in Dirt3 it was useless and i never did use it.
On Dirt3 I used brake with my left foot and Gas with right foot.
This time finally i can express my full potential by using Clutch with my left foot and use my right foot for Gas and Brake.

This are couple of my videos.
Unfortunately i cant afford a new PC and I`m playing on ultra low details.
Anyway this game is amazing  :D


   I <3 Rally
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Codemasters, thanks for making Dirt Rally. It's great! And I play with just the keyboard and with no assists.

Please, allow us to be able to customize the location of the HUD Dial to either left-bottom corner and center-bottom. Also the look of the Dial. If I could, I'd have it look like the revmeter of the 2010 Ford Fiesta or 2000 version, or the Subaru WRX, just to have as options. This would be very nice.

Also, for in-cabin perspective views, please allow us to be able to customize the speedometer/tachometer/gear indicator and it's location on the dashboard. Even the option to have one similar to the one inside the Peugeot Evo 2 or Audi AWD, but larger, and perhaps 5 lights instead of just 3. Stuff like that would be fantastic. 

I avoid playing certain cars simply because of the positioning and look of the these meters. For example, the 2010 Mini, with it's gear indicator on the wheel but the revmeter on the center console. Even though it drives nicely, just double-checking what revs and gear I'm in takes much longer with this car than it does on other cars, and for that, other cars are more favorable. 

Also, if we could have the option to remove the UV-Sun-Cover on the top of the windshield. I went for the Peugeot Evo 2 simply because of this. Not to mention it being light and fast and just great overall. But it's lack of the UV-Sun-Cover made it all the more pleasurable. 

Other than that, awesome game.

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