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DiRT Rally feedback list

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zamex23ss said:
Great start codemasters...that said..
Some things needs to be fixed.
1. 900 degrees wheel support, game should adjust to every car seperatly 
2. FOV and camera customization in game, for dashboard camera and cockpit cam
3. Removable arms and steering wheel
4. Cars have too much drift, Group B if you look at old recordings they slide all the time, right now in game they are sticked to the ground
5. I don't know, but handbrake feel strange to use..maybe just to me
6. FFB is way off right now, no feel whats happening with car
7. More drifty cars in general.
Agree. Especially on the removable arms and wheel. And the steering degrees and FFB.
About the grip and the group B cars i don;t know, try to go faster maybe :)
Handbrake i think it's ON/OFF, so once you pull it, it's 100%. Should be configured in a way that you can use an axis rather than a button. For now, i just pull it very briefly, and it works almost the same.
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Well, I think superb so far. This is really what I've been waiting for since CMR 1 on PSX and RBR on PC. Thrilled to see it guys! However I really think you should be looking to compete even further with RBR. That game is brutally unforgiving, and this game is just a tad easier. Don't be afraid to give us a challenge guys!

Also a few comments on stuff that isn't really there yet, but what I would like to see nonetheless:

2. If you're going to have separate events (rally cross dakar gymkhana (again please no) etc), can you split them into their own career modes. I didn't finish a lot of the dirt games past a certain point because I ignored those silly gymkhana events, and was gimped from progressing by a game mode I hate.
3. Comprehensive engine damage; cracked cylinders, snapping belts, sheared mounts/ anything that might come from you not spending enough time on repairs/mechanics.
4. 400 degree steering animation? Kind of looks a bit arcadey that the cockpit driver only steers on a 180 axis. 

gymgkana as dead in dirt 3 only soem activity in the early days.
i assume this game will be rally only,or atleast offroad only.
dirt 3 had rallycross but there was no qualifying that was bad.
try to make better ai in this game ai in dirt 3 were agressive and some times mentally ill trying to kill them selfs. 
ddirt 2 multiplayer is dead too.
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Really enjoying the game so far, closest thing to RBR when it comes to great rally game. Hope you'll improve Rift support with menus too as that's next on my list. So far been trying with a 360 controller and screen only, and that's worked well.

When it comes to cars I'd like to see more of the special cars, like the RX-7 rally cars in the RWD category. I have driven enough Impreza's to last me a lifetime even if I know they are great and there's many versions for a reason.
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I feel that the front wheel drive cars act more like the rear wheel drive cars should!
Front wheel drive cars should be a lot more stable. Especially in a straight line!
On the snow and ice they are virtually impossible to control,  which is the opposite of the real world situation.
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Although the weather effects are brilliant, there is a severe hit to fps performance. So unless you have an uber pc,  you need to decide whether to afjust graphics for fine weather or poor weather.  

It would be useful if the weather settings could be tweaked a little more to allow a more equitable performance,  in terms of fps, for any given combination of graphical  settings. 

Could the graphics be auto-scaled when it is raining? Or maybe you could  have more sliders and explanations as to what the weather sliders actually do?   

Alternatively the main graphics such as tree quality or textures could be reduced automatically when it is rainy. Otherwise it becomes a real pain requiring constant tweaking, compromising on graphics settings,  or a monster pc -  when it wouldn't matter!  

Just a thought. 
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Physics are interesting.
Road and bumps feel nice, but other than that the FFB needs some work. Now it only tries to center the wheel regardless of the car angle. It's like it only has a static centering spring. That's the main reason opposite locks feel very unnatural and difficult to do.

Opposite lock should be done almost by itself like here:

Or this (although this is on a tarmac terrain, principle is the same)

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wow, didn't expected the DiRT rally announcement at all. I don't have a strong enough PC to play the new DiRT, but have watched YouTube footage and read the material on the website. Console version, yes please. :tongue: 

Early Access concept is a good idea. Both for your cashflows and development of the game. Also to get the community behind the game. Question is if you want to have a private section in the forum for the guys who have bought the early access package, so they can do specific feedback on certain parts of the game, while everyone can do general feedback in the 'open' area.

The graphics looks great, the stages especially. The User Interface looks clean which I like. Loving the new pacenote system interface. Though the cars look a bit like they are a direct port from DiRT 3. Not that is that is a big deal, but I saw the MINI WRC for example, that is still the concept car with its stupid rear wing, which annoys me. Would really like to see that car in its real spec.

Physics / Handling / Accesability of the game. The handling looks great aswell. I has a bit of the feeling from RBR when I watched the videos, but also a bit of DiRT3. So that combination is positive imo. But on the Monte Carlo stages it looks like the cars still have much grip. On dry asphalt that is o.k., but on slushy, or icy parts for example the car still has a bit to much grip. Would like to see this more extremer. When a WRC car crosses a river os melting ice, that it will be spinning its wheels. Though this could also be the drivers who drive to slow in the videos, haha. While DiRT Rally goes into the direction of simulation, how accesabil will the game be? For me its no problem, for some groups of people it could be very difficult without f.e. flashbacks or a bit more arcadish handling. Maybe a optional driving school is a good idea for that?

Daily/Weekly/Monthly challenge sound great. The one attempt idea sounds good, will be interesting to see how that will develop. Also cannot wait to see the first Rallycross footage, especially with World RX announced. Plus the team management the game really has a lot of potential. Also I am happy to see that the CM team has a certain vision how the game has to look like, and the community can help to make the vision more clear. At Assetto Corsa they also did this. AC looked to have a lot of potential (it still has), but somehow during the road they changed so much, so the game completly changed and became to much Project CARS imo. I don't think that will hapen with DiRT Rally. 

Btw, I did a bit of copy-paste of the YouTube video:

Why is the Mini WRC at the 00's WRC? Is should be together with the Polo, i20, DS3 and Fiesta. Also would like to see the Yaris with it. I also see the Beetle Rallycross car. Can we expect GRC aswell?

That's it for now, going to watch the DiRT show episode one later, so maybe I'll post something later aswell :wink: 
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Having something like Goodwood in England (as it has both a rally stage and a hillclimb where you see all the top drivers like ogier, loeb showing off)  as like a special stage would be quite nice. Would offer something that most other games don't offer, also the special stages in WRC would be good in this game. It would just add to the realism and add to what its like being a rally driver!
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I'm glad there is no Gymkhana or Ken Block Special in this game just keep it a pure rally game with high realism i think most of us are waiting for this kind of game a long time.As said before sounds could be better i see some people reporting about strange handbrake and stuff but its a bit getting used to, i must admit the car interiors should also get more realistic and as i said before more turbo sounds ;)i would also like more realistic skins for the cars like the lancia in martini colors etc ;).Keep it up codemasters this could be a winner.
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Azoresst said:
Hello guys.

DiRT Rally got released today (Early acess) and the team wants to hear the feedback from all! I want to do something like the wishlist, where you post the feedback and I will make a list.

Feedback list:

General (Physics, etc.):

- 4WD 2010's cars feel way to stiff. Should be a bit more slippery in overall;
- "Comprehensive engine damage, cracked cylinders, snapping belts, sheared mounts/anything that might come from you not spending enough time on repairs/mechanics";
- No checkpoints with clock result;
- Number of kilometers for each special is not displayed as well as track layout;
- When we hit finish line, the race finish...we should be able to continue driving to the service tent;
- Wind sound increasing as the car is getting faster would help evaluate the sense of speed.
- Manual wipers;
- Dust accumulation on windshield;
- Switch headlights on/off;
- Add helicopters;
- Position of the grid should be dynamically simulated. Depending if you're the first driver of the day to race or the last, you can see track degradation and wear. For example, more rocks, mud and skidmarks, so starting last is more challenging;
- We should be able to see cars behind and car starting in front of us, and be able to catch up with the front drivers;
-Add random events in race like crashed cars, rocks and obstacles, so the same special feels different even if you play it twice;
- Car in snow specials should swivel from left to right at the starting lines;
- Create an easier AI times for new gamers;

- Laser scanned tracks;

- Make the livery files easier to get to;

+1 with this ideas !

-It's important to add some degradation of road. for example when we are on tarmac, the road is often full of gravel because the first competitor take inside of the turn.

-See a car crash or mechanical failure ahead of the road would make the game more realistic. In real, i see a lot of car stopped in stage when i go in ! 

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Here's a weird one. If I run the game on Ultra it runs fine, if I start downgrading the grafix my framerate drops :|
Maybe its only optimized for highest details so far. PErsonally I must say the game looks great, but only in highest settings. Dirt 2 and 3 always looked great whatever detail you choose. Here it seems for me, the game only great when maxed out, everything below that isn't really that pleasing anymore.
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So as promised, I will post how the Greek stages names should look like.

Anodou Farmakas ->Anavassi Farmakas (Hillclimb Farmaka)

Kathodo Leontiou ->Katavassi Leontiou (Leontios Downhill)

Ypsona tou Dasous ->Krypsona tou Dasous (Forest Hiding Place)

And the other stages will look much better if you use a dash in between such as Abies-Koilada,

Ampelonas-Ormi etc.

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Suggestion - Multiplayer:

Being able to sit down on the Co-Pilot's seat and direct your (human) Pilot through the course.
"Just" another Camera Angle in the Car and a look at the notebook where, in the test & training runs, the co-pilot can take notes.
Maybe headshaking and impacts should be visible so the Co-Pilot has, apart from the track itself, use the mouse or the analog stick to keep his view at the notebook and be in constant communication with the driver.

My friends and I are in hope for such a multiplayer mode for years and it would really suit the ambitions you are trying to fulfil with Dirt Rally.

Idea Summary:

  • What is it all about:  The need of pace notes, reconnaissance drive and intense atmosphere while communicating in team.
  • Mode: Co-Pilot as a Multiplayer part / e.g. Co-Op/Team Up-Mode Career with Pilot/Co-Pilot setup and buying cars, radios, etc)
    Each stage should have the possiblity for 1 or 2 test/training/ reconaissance runs to help the co-pilot to take notes during challenges.
    Co-Pilot necessary especially when it comes to tuned/ setup cars; as faster speeds are possible and the pilot has to rely on it
  • Controls: Keyboard, Mouse / Analog Stick
    Keyboard especially to take notes, Arrow Keys to turn pages of the notebook / Maybe even the slide of the finger downwards the page of the notebook could be visible to not lose the thread. (cf. Camera)
  • Camera: Suffers from impacts, positive and negative acceleration, player can (has to) "counter-steer" the camera to keep eyes on road or notebook.
  • Audio: Voice-Over-Net should be an option, if possible with a filter, indicating the radio distortions (which can be improved by buying a better radio setup during the career - Unfortunately Teamspeak use would by-pass this idea. - maybe a compulsory TS3-plugin like TFAR for ArmA3 or at least for hardcore enthusiasts? 

  • Possibilites: It would be a nice esport-mode.

  • Difficulties: There should be many track variants for each track, so that the Pilot needs to know the informations given by the co-pilot.
    Setup cars can take turns in larger speeds - the team has to try out the stage and take notes together, the Pilot's comments during the test runs would be extremely important to the co-pilot and vice versa in the real stage run.
    Under no circumstances the driver should be able to have kind of "radar", length or time informations given by the game. (except the tachometer of the car of course)

I hope I was able to point out the idea.

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Hello Everyone!

I bought new DIRT just becouse devs said they want to do true rally sim. As a former member of RBRczech community(with some succesess) I was delighted that after all this years somebody has finally come up with this idea :)
I am hoping that EA will help this game to beat RBR and create another amazing community.

Here are my ideas to improve the game:
  • allow modders to create new cars/tracks
  • implement tire choice - just like you did it in CMR4/5 
  • IMHO cars are a bit too glued to the surface. It is very hard to lose grip.
  • I was a bit disappointed with Monte Carlo stages. On termac its nearly impossible to go sideways, the grip is very good, and when you drive on snow grip is comparable to driving on gravel. If you watch just one video from WRC/IRC Monte Carlo, you will see that on snow cars has nearly 0 grip, and drivers use like 30% of throttle just to have some control over the car. It would be fine if we could use snow tires, but then car should be hard to control on termac(you can check in Rally Championship 2000)
  • Another reference to RC2000 - more very long stages - maybe not 50 KM but these 15 KM(like Noiker in RBR) are cool.
  • In-depth car setup. Every racing sim(and RBR) allows you to go deeper with car mechanics like geometry or differentials and it feels amazing when after 2 hours of testing you finally find this one perfect setup. The easy one which is implemented now should be an option for those, who don't care about the length of steering rod ;)
  • Subaru engine doesn't sound like 2-liter turbocharged boxer at all ;)
Generally the game is fun, but physics is similar to WRC and previous DIRT series, I hope by the time of EA devs will take our feedback into consideration and create the best rally sim ever made ;)
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Firstly, top start and it seems like a lot of the issues are covered here anyway.

My main concern is the FFB (like others). Just the general feel of the car whilst you're driving feels like you're not on a rough gravel surface (for instance). You can see the hands on the steering wheel jiggling around (if that makes any sense), yet you aren't feeling it in the actual wheel so matching the wheel animations on screen with the actual FFB would be awesome. Also over bumps, I want to feel that in the wheel as well. Anyway - early days... keep up the good work!

Ps. Great to read such a positive vibe in these forums.
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I cannot understand why so many praise RBR as the most perfect rally sim.... I ´m sorry, it was not... if that was like the real think, almost all rally drivers had died a terrible horrible death :)   difficult does n´t mean SIM!

Anyway, great work Codemasters!! Finally you have read my dreams !  Just hope that you listening the community, and deliver the best possible Rally Sim.
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