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DiRT Rally feedback list

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Loving this title. I spent around 3 hours with it last night, sat in a Playseat Challenge with a T150 and in front of a 51" display.

Point of note: once I had stepped down the hardware's degree of rotation, things improved dramatically.

Graphics wise, I would say things are just a little dirty - no pun intended - and whilst I appreciate that rallying isn't pretty, some of the texturing is pretty rough. However - the lighting is superb and does a great job of simulating real colours and movement, and had me feeling genuine motion sickness at times. Dust and water effects are particularly nice. Overall, I am hugely impressed so far.

It had me thinking back to 1998 and the many hours I put in to honing my Colin McRae Rally skills... and then thinking about how much this series has evolved. I like the back-to-basics approach of Dirt Rally - the previous Dirt games were a little heavy on style over substance, but this one has it nailed.

Improvements for future patches that I would dearly like to see, in order of desirability:
  1. Custom FOV
  2. In cockpit view with no GUI, an option for a virtual visual countdown or enhanced tones for rallycross starts - by the time GO appears, it's all over...
  3. Option to remove the driver and wheel from cockpit view
  4. Rally Australia
Wish I could play some more - but I'm sending my T150 back today and a replacement isn't arriving until the weekend...
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Dirt Rally is awesome but this last update...no, just a great big NO!
Cars are ok
Menu background is ok
Damage system: What the hell happened?! I've crashed at 120km/h with 3 different cars and...just an aerdynamic damage! Really?
Sound: why recycle the Sierra Turbo sound for the Renault 5? Why the asked improvements for the Group B cars never happened? Why the Peugeot Pikes Peak sounds less important than the Fulvia HF?
Online: Standard team engineers for everyone? No, i've played hard in the offline mode to be 100% competitive in the online rallies, i don't want to be treated like a casual gamer with a good pad.

Dear Codemasters, bring back the Simulation, not these arcade-ish stuff
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DiRT Rally is a technical achievement. There were some concerns regarding the console launch, and it seems that there was a whole lot of worrying for nothing. Simply amazing and I imagine companies like Kyloton could tear a page from Codemaster's book of efficiency and doing something right the first time. I have WRC 5 ('cause there wasn't anything else available) and there is truly no comparison. The former boasts all the rallies in a WRC year...but one stage in DiRT is the equivalent of an entire rally in WRC 5. Epic stages. Epic sense of speed. Truly well done, Codies.

Some of the concerns I was referring to would be compatibility with the Logitech G29 with the Driving Force Shifter for the PS4. Some of the things that I had read were scary to me, considering the cost of my racing rig. I'm pleased to announce that it works beautifully. Literally plugged it in and drove. No issues whatsoever. It take me awhile to figure out how to assign my shifter as a handbrake (4th gear works super well) but once I got my head out of my...ahem...it actually turned out to be pretty simple. A couple of elastic bands around the shifter and all you need do is let go and it disengages. I've read that some people aren't happy with the FFB and honestly, I can't figure that out for the life of me. I also play Project CARS a lot, and the FFB in DiRT is FAR superior...not that there's anything wrong with the FFB in PC...it's just that I find DiRT is better. I can feel every wheel perfectly. Very helpful in Monaco and it's ice patches.

So, at this point and my 8 hours I've put into it (only got it on launch day) and 700+ KMS driven. I'm confident I will be rallying for a long, long time moving forward. With that said, I want more.

Tour De Course (France) would be an ideal location. I like asphalt...and currently Germany (which is ridiculously cool...and also my first rally victory) is the only place you can do that.

Poland is pretty tootin' cool too. Just sayin'... 

Africa used to be cool...and brutal on cars. I imagine a lot like Greece...which I find to be the hardest location so far. Anyway, while I've never been someone who purchases DLC's for stuff I've already paid handsomely for. I would, however,  pay Codemasters for anything you put up there to expand this already awesome rally simulation. Thank you all for your hard work. I personally think it's paid off in spades.

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Game is awesome. A couple fixes i would like to see: 
* replays on pvp rallyx
* 8 player rx turns into two completely seperate races. The group of 8 gets seperated into two groups of four and they race on the same track but in some parallel universe, the first group never gets to race the second group on the same track. Make the top two or top three drivers from the two completely seperate races have to drive together in a final, or just do away with that all together and allow all 8 drivers to rx together on the same track.

Other than that, the game is perfect, cant wait to see what the future updates will bring. Thank you dirt rally/codemasters!
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to much grip on tarmac even under rain,may be rally cars grip is ok for tarmac but why same it under rain?? and mud there is no mud track in this game ??...wonderfull game but its so new and in time going to be perfect thnx codemasters u gave me my dream..
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I'd like to have a Porsche 911 RS from 1972 or the 911 SCRS that Toivonen drove in the Rothmans livery. Other than that more rallies would be great. Thinking of Australia, New-Zeeland, Corsica or Spain, Argentina... I'm playing on PS4 so an add on is preferable (I would pay for these)

The split times can't be moved and are frequently in the way. This should be adressed.

Other than that this game is fantastic.

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Please please fix the PS4 wheel force feedback. I've got a T300 and the feedback is terrible. I hear this is not the case on PC or XBOX ONE. Please look into it as it's ruining the game for me - feels so arcadey and not connected to the road at all.
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just posted this in the gossip thread but thought it probably should be posted here. Watched this video over the weekend and parts of it from 7:30 minutes in really hit the mark for me, and i feel this holds the key to securing DR2 a spot as the all-time great of motorsport games.

To me the essence of his rant is the depth of the experience and immersion that is missing from so many modern games. Once core gameplay is nailed, it's what surrounds the core driver experience that really immerses you into the sport, which can turn a game from something well executed, to something truly incredibly special and satisfying to play. 

DR obviously has the core driving experience nailed. It's top notch. DR also is providing a rewarding experience by being so damn challenging - it's why we keep sinking hundreds of hours into it. All I feel the next DR project needs is to nail the feel of really being part of a rally event in a realistic, tasteful way. 

It's summed up best for me in the difference between FIFA's career mode and NBA 2K's career mode. FIFA's gameplay is pretty great, but there is absolutely no engagement or reward in the experience of playing. - it's just slogging out the same match over and over. Match atmosphere doesn't change, whether its a League One match or a Champions League Final. NBA 2K has sponsor deals, contracts, interviews, season awards - the atmosphere changes when playoffs arrive etc. You feel part of a dynamic environment, part of something bigger. 

I'm not saying I want a crappy / tacky career mode, but I do want the supporting stuff specific to rally that helps me experience the unique feel of each event - have a flow between shakedown and stages. Imagine having procedurally generated stages and having a proper recce beforehand - holy heck. I want to head back to service park between stages and feel the buzz. I want to pass crashed competitors, and deal with dust when i'm catching a damaged car. The service park, spectator density and atmosphere should change depending on the rally event - local club vs WRC etc. The core DR driving experience is so good they don't need to change it, just spend time on building more locations, and working on the environment, and it will be the greatest game EVER MADE.
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How about a shakedown option for the daily events, even if it's limited to one run? If the event is for a car I'm not familiar with I'd like a quick go just to see how it handles and, more importantly, what type of transmission it has. The starting technique is completely different for clutch + H as opposed to flappy paddles. Worse still for some reason if I press the handbrake but don't hold it the older cars will sit there, even in neutral while the fancy sequential types often roll backward and gain a penalty. I know I can have a quick look then try a custom event but the temptation is to practice and learn the stage and that's not rally.

Please fix the steering animation. Project cars accurately tracks my wheel angle through 900 degrees and even driveclub can be made right by manually setting lock to match the car. This shouldn't bother me but it detracts from the immersion and it's really distracting.

Also, I drive with the HUD off. partly to help immersion, mostly because my brain can't cope with anything else. In other games I'm happy to have timers, track maps etc. on. Trouble is I don't know if I've picked up any penalties unless it's bad enough to reset to track (or does a penalty always reset to track?). Would be nice to have a breakdown at the end so next time I know where to be more careful. failing that a defined list of penalties - I know attempting to kill a spectator causes a reset and 15 second penalty but what about knocking a warning flag over or swinging the back end through a tape marker? Not looking to cheat but when it's gone a bit wrong I'd like to know if it's better to floor it an fishtail or back off then pull away quietly.

Finally, these are just minor gripes. Big thank you for taking a risk and bringing this to PS4. I hope enough of us buy it to show there is a market for realistic sims and there is a market for rally.
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