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DiRT Rally feedback list

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I cannot understand why so many praise RBR as the most perfect rally sim.... I ´m sorry, it was not... if that was like the real think, almost all rally drivers had died a terrible horrible death :)   difficult does n´t mean SIM!

Anyway, great work Codemasters!! Finally you have read my dreams !  Just hope that you listening the community, and deliver the best possible Rally Sim.
People are always praising RBR, but imo it's really not that realistic (although it has been quite a while since I played it). Personally, this is easily the most realistic rally game ever made
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There is NO surface differential feedback provided for in the coding of the game !!!

Checked the effectsetup xml file in the feedback folder and there are no setting for different surfaces as there is in the older Dirt games -and indeed - Grid Autosport.
Why have they striped out all the feedback elements if this is meant to be a sim ???
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xGabe62x said:
There is NO surface differential feedback provided for in the coding of the game !!!

Checked the effectsetup xml file in the feedback folder and there are no setting for different surfaces as there is in the older Dirt games -and indeed - Grid Autosport.
Why have they striped out all the feedback elements if this is meant to be a sim ???

I'm not sure you've understood the concept of early access there.
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Azoresst said:
Hello guys.

DiRT Rally got released today (Early acess) and the team wants to hear the feedback from all! I want to do something like the wishlist, where you post the feedback and I will make a list.

Feedback list:

General (Physics, etc.):
- Virtual steering wheel turn more than 180 degrees;
- FFB needs to be revised ("it feeels very odd in the opposite locks, there is a force against the natural movement of the wheel");
- 4WD 2010's cars feel way to stiff. Should be a bit more slippery in overall;
- "Comprehensive engine damage, cracked cylinders, snapping belts, sheared mounts/anything that might come from you not spending enough time on repairs/mechanics";
- No checkpoints with clock result;
- Allow us to change language directly in menu, not only in Steam;
- Selected liveries for each car should be saved and stay as default as favorite;
- Personalized events is great and welcome but please add also a Quick race option where we can set the number of specials we want just like personalized events but without a service park, so we start with a brand new car between each specials;
- Number of kilometers for each special is not displayed as well as track layout;
- After a race, we have the special results as well as championship standing. If we hit enter it's not possible to go back to special results menu;
- When we hit finish line, the race finish...we should be able to continue driving to the service tent;
- Wind sound increasing as the car is getting faster would help evaluate the sense of speed.
- Manual wipers;
- Dust accumulation on windshield;
- Switch headlights on/off;
- Add helicopters;
- Position of the grid should be dynamically simulated. Depending if you're the first driver of the day to race or the last, you can see track degradation and wear. For example, more rocks, mud and skidmarks, so starting last is more challenging;
- We should be able to see cars behind and car starting in front of us, and be able to catch up with the front drivers;
-Add random events in race like crashed cars, rocks and obstacles, so the same special feels different even if you play it twice;
- Car in snow specials should swivel from left to right at the starting lines;
- Create an easier AI times for new gamers;
- Better gear change time and ratio;
- More co-drivers voices;
- Option to remove the arms and the wheel;
- Multiple controller support (buttonboxes, shifters, handbrakes, connected at the same time);
- Use both sequential shifter and h shifter without changing the settings;
- Multiview for triple screen;
- Add some degradation of road;
- Implement tyre choice;

- No pace notes or directions on the HUD;
- No co-driver pacenote sound;
- Bencharmk test ("the cam stayed on the start line and my car drove off into the distance, never to be seen again");
- Game doesn't show up fullscreen when we return from Alt+TAB (Problem is maybe not related with Alt+Tabbing). but when I go fullscreen (Alt+Enter) then when I hit Resume to resume game, if I hit the Shift key (used for shifting up gear), the Steam menu pop-up. It should not, as it is assigned to the Shift+TAB key. After it happens one time, it's fixed. If I go back in Windows, return in-game then hit shift key, it do this again.;
- Hit the replay button after a stage, game crash;
- After playing with controller, the game deleted key-bindings for the keyboard;

- Seperate events for each category;
- Reset the career;
- 3 or more save slots;

- R class rallycars (R1, R2, R3, R5);

- 2000s:
 - Mitsubishi Lancer WRC '05
 - Ford Focus RS WRC '06
 - Subaru Impreza WRC '05
 - Citroen Xsara WRC '05
 - Skoda Fabia S2000
 - Peugeot 207 S2000
 - Suzuki Swift S1600
 - Citroen C2 S1600
 - Lancer Evo XIII

- 90s:
 - Toyota Celica GT Four ST165, ST185, ST205
 - Toyota Corolla WRC
 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI WRC
 - Ford Escort WRC
 - Ford Escort RS Cosworth Group A/N
 - Seat Cordoba WRC Evo2
 - Skoda Octavia WRC

- 90s kitcars:
 - Seat Ibiza kitcar
 - Peugeot 306 Maxi Evo2 kitcar
  - Skoda Felicia kitcar
 - Renault Clio Maxi kitcar
 - Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk IV kitcar

- Group B:
 - Lancia 037
 - Renault 5 Turbo Maxi

- Pikes Peak:
 - Audi Quattro S1 Pikes Peak
 - Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak
 - Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak

- 60-70s:
 - Alpine-Renault A110

- Laser scanned tracks;
- Dakar;
- Goodwood; 
- More longer stages;

- Make the livery files easier to get to;
- Allow modders to create new cars/tracks;
Yes!, completely agree with you!!, especially with the "Drive to pit after finish" bit!! We need this !!  
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Thanks azoresst for updating the list.

Just some things I would like to add after I had more time with the game...

- After 5 hours of playtest, I can say the physics are great but I think they're not consistent across all cars...some of them need to be tweaked. While some cars handles realistically like the Metro 6R4, fiesta and the RWD cars for example, I think some other feels more arcade. It's the case with the Lancia Delta Integrale HF, which I think is too easy right now to recover from an oversteer. Also, beast cars like the Audi Quattro should be very hard to drive and should drift almost in every corners just like the 6R4. I've yet to try them all and give a more complete list but you see the point. Last point, we should see a bigger difference in grip between tarmac and ice/snow surface in Monte Carlo, so we can feel the car start loosing grip and sliding on ice patches then gain grip again on asphalt while drifting. I think the cars should slide more when using handbrake.

Cars I forgot to include:
- Audi Quattro S1 Group B in it's classical form with the bodykit and yellow/white skin.
- Citroen DS3 WRC to compete with the Fiesta.
- Citroen Saxo kitcar

- There is a lack of classic liveries... probably because of licensing cost I guess. Would be welcome if we could mod custom liveries and add an infinite quantity for each cars.

- Deformable mud terrain 

- Mist/haze and sunrise weather conditions for all tracks.

- Be able to see between races our crew working on our car in the service park in menu would add immersion (like in DiRT 2).

- Driving to the service park between races.

Countries I would like to see in the game:

- Pikes Peak (race to the clouds), Finland, Sweden, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Mexico.

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where to start...?
maybe my setup first:
i7 6 core 3.2
16gb ram ddr4
2x nvidia 970 in SLI
Thrustmaster T500RS wheel plus TH8 shifter and the G25-shifter
Oculus DK2

my biggest issue: FFB
as long as the car doesn't skid/drift i have nearly no feel in the wheel. its easy going and nothing happens on bumps etc...
as soon as it starts sliding the wheel centers hard wich makes it harder to countersteer...
is it a bug? i guess it should center when driving straight and get loose when the car looses traction!?!
is it just the wrong way round? is it only on the T500rs?

i was hoping on better cockpit-cam adjustments like
free-to-move camera-position and actual FOV-settings,
but the dashboard cam is an good addition (just not perfect to everyone)

about VR:
well... i guess we will see how that turns out, but i WANT proper VR!
at the moment everything looks too big and the view is not locked to the car, at least horizontal-wise
is it even 3D? didnt play around a lot though...

in general the physics look a lot better but it still doesnt go sideways enough imo...
anyway i will have a blast as soon as the ffb feels right

nice effort cody and good thing you went "early access"
ah yeah and thanks for the upgraded dirt3 version, finally i can save progress :)

c ya,
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After more play time I have to agree that the FFB does need some work doing to it. 
I was going to add this also, just can't get it right on the G25, closest I could get it was 10% strength in game, weight 0% and 100% vibration, 125% overall effects in Windows with 0% damper / spring, no return spring, anything else and the wheel is too heavy and doesn't flick back when needed, as others have said the wheel animation seems to feel all the bumps but it doesn't translate to the G25.

I am sure it will be tweaked and apart from that I think this game is a winner and I would gladly pay half price as it is for a game in development and be an unpaid beta tester giving feedback for the final game than pay full price for a release game that has been tested by paid beta testers and feels unfinished.

It's the way forward if you ask me, give the money up front to develop a game that the community wants, hell yeah!
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After playing with for some hour I have a new suggestion:
Besides the tyre selection I would love to see implemented a certain number of tyres per event as well as you should be able to choose to take one or two tyres between each service and when you have a puncture you should be able to put a new tyre with a certain time penalty. 
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Hi Codies, looking very promising but can't find an option for 21:9 aspect ratio, any plans to implement it as more people are buying these ultrawide monitors. The main reason i bought one was for racing games especially as i don't have the space for a triple screen setup.

I didn't even have to set it up - automatically picked ultra settings and detected 21:9.
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Since everybody else already mentioned the FFB, I'll start with User Interface:

Please remove all console influence, UI must be fully controllable with mouse. With clever design, you can stack all information into one or two windows. Having to press enter 6 times to start the race is not good. Don't be afraid of stacking more stuff into one window and use dropdown windows. Having everything in one place is much better than swapping between 2-3 windows with enter and escape. 

Car and track selection should be done on one screen. Also please add the stage length info next to the surface info.

Get rid of the "press enter to start" console thingy. Everytime this text appears, game should already select enter for the player and roll the animation to next screen. 

Also I've noticed that I have buttons "back" "forward" "restart",... in bottom left mapped to numbers on some controller I don't know about. Replace these numbers with clickable icons. 
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Sorry didn't read all the posts but here is my feedback:

-get it on consoles  
-add Co-driver calls (I'm sure you are already on it
-hire and fire a co driver with different voices and skills
-add a "change tyre" option to change a puncture mid stage for a time penalty like vehicle recovery, stretching it a bit far but perhaps maybe even a randomized QTE mini game that determines how fast you can change the tyre on stage.
-same options for other repairs you can do stage side 
-add the option to bring spare tires on board at the service park
-full tyre choice (wets, hard, soft, mixed)
-crash cam, and lengthen the duration of the terminal damage so we can see what happens to the car until it stops moving
-snow bank physics
-custom rally team with livery (like grid 1)
-Ravenwest Rally team (have them seldom compete like grid 1)
-keep rewind out and the no restart bonus, maybe even make the bonus bigger, this helps protect the purpose of the sport
-power stages and super special spectator stages (WRC style not games style)
-add splits for the car ahead and behind you, those battles are just as exciting
-make retiring and slow running cars an obstacle on stage
-road sweeping and road order simulation
-standing dust simulation 
-staggered starts for online

And loads more, just can't recall more off the top of my head.

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