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DiRT Rally feedback list

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After more game time I few a few bugs;
1. I have been playing the game with a logitech g27 and I find that gear shifts are way too slow. While driving it's pretty good but especially when I have spun out and come to a complete stop, I can't quickly flick through the gears. I have to wait for each gear to engage before I can change gear.
2. On the rally stage 'sprint en descente', there is a glitch once you reach the finish line and the camera goes underground and goes white and grey.
3. For some reason, sometimes my wheel goes off-centre as if wheel alignment is out. Even when suspension is 100% the wheel alignment is still off.
4. Also, whenever I start the game, I constantly have to redo my steering wheel settings (selecting what each button does).
5. And as someone else said above; more long straights to stretch the legs would be amazing. Guess that will be happening with Finland coming in later on but adjustments to current stages would be awesome!!

Keep up the work codemasters. Loving the game!!
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First and foremost, split this feedback thread up into several subforums, because this is going to turn into one big unreadable mess.

Some feedback from me after having a quick look at the game:
- It might just be my racing wheel (thrustmaster tx) but i did not see any clutch support
- It should be possible to change more settings while driving, perhaps even if only in a test mode. You should be able to change the traction control level while driving to get a good feel of what is right for you, and also the possibility to change wheel setup sliders in-game would be awesome. Going back into the menu, change something and take it for another run is so much more hassle.
- Steering feels way too light for me, i have all the force feedback cranked up to the maximum and it's still quite easy going. With RBR NGP cars i'd end up with blisters when setting force feedback to max.
- steering in the center area feels dead. My deadzone is set to 0 and my wheel is at 540 degrees. When in corners i feel some feedback coming in, but when driving straight ahead it's like i'm driving on silky smooth tarmac.
- Too much grip at low speeds. Especially in handbrake turns it feels like the car is gripping way too much, so handbrake slides feel unrealistic, and also i feel like i can brake quite hard without the wheels locking up
- After the finish there should be a short run-off to slow down (like RBR). Now you can just fly over the finish at max speed even it's right in front of a cliff.
- Tire choice, obviously
- Pre-loaded presets for different surfaces and weather conditions (so those who don;t like to fiddle with every setting also have a decent starting point)
- if there are really only 9 slots to save presets per car, we need more. (why even limit it?)
- More setup options for the car
- Support for multiple controllers (wheel, shifter, handbrake, button box, etc etc)
- There should be an accessible API for interfacing with dashboard applications or external monitoring apps.

All in all i'd say that the game is quite enjoyable, but if you're really aiming for a simulation (IE, to follow in the footsteps of RBR), then please realise that there's still a long road ahead.
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I was thinking to TIres in career or in custom event, before start the race when you set up your car, I think it can be great to set different tires like the old Colin Mcrae's game, the 2005 edition if my memory is good because you have in the track's description the differente track surfaces.

Second point, always at the setting point before start the race, I was thinking to add a setting: the height of the car.

I played only 1h but I was thinking to those features to add in the game so I share it with you. What do you think about it ?

(Sorry for my english, i'm french ^^ )
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CTR69 said:

Also I've noticed that I have buttons "back" "forward" "restart",... in bottom left mapped to numbers on some controller I don't know about. Replace these numbers with clickable icons. 
This badly, I wanted to watch a replay but I don't know what number my buttons are. Ended up not being able to watch.

Even if not clickable, use the arrow keys to scroll through them...This is a must :)
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789ifyz said:
I noticed today that in some night races the headlights were flashing random colours.
One night race I did(well was the online daily challenge), it started off I could see the road, after a few crashes, I could only see the bottom half of the road, as if I had knocked the lights down, couldn't go more than 30mph after that as I couldnt see the road ahead.
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arthur93 said:
Managed to play the game a bit more now. Also watched some youtube videos of the ford fiesta. A few things I noticed compared to real life;
1. One thing I notices is the lack of anti lag sounds. I did notice it a bit when the player lifts of the accelerator but it needs to be a lot louder and sound more violent.
2. More gearbox whine.
The fiesta in real life doesn't really have proper anti lag sounds anyway. The occasional bang on lift off, but nothing major. 
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Very nice that you came with a real rally game. Hopefully you can be the first replacement for Richard Burns Rally. I do have some point which can be improved (note, I have only driver 12 stages with the Cooper S so far):

- The force feedback is not very good so far on my G25
- Huge deadzone and i wish i had none 
- 180 degrees should be way more.
- Virtual steering wheel didn't feel in sync with g25.
- Couldnt feel where the 180 degrees ended.
- Both sound and spring didn't give me really enough feedback on braking. I didn't had the feeling or i was locking the brakes. The car was quite static in those situations. Especially 
- More long stages
- Damage was too forgiving
- More information on split times, i would like to know my position. Also I would like to compare my times with my direct opponents. I'm not interested in the number 1 split times if I am 6th
- Mapping multiple buttons to function. Now I have a button on my steering will for pause, but escape does nothing.
- In the bottom left you see what the controller buttons do. I don't think anyone would like to navigate with his steering wheel. Would be more interesting to see keyboard suggestions. I really have no id which button is button 16 and 15 of my  G25 :)

Thats it so far. Only played about 2 hours and it seems very promising. Keep up the could work.

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Seriously?  Leaving out such a fundamental function.  You're dreaming.  It's an oversight at best, deliberately done, at worst. Look at the effects xml file. There is nothing for surface vibrations.   Maybe you don't 'understand the concept'  of coding. 

Anyway, the point of this thread is to list issues.  So i have the right to 'remind'  them to code for some ffb and road vibration into to their 'sim'... just when they have time.. no hurry. 
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Firstly it's nice to see that  Richard Burns Rally might finally get a replacement. I've got a few things that could be improved/added:
- I found flicking the back end out was quite hard, especially around hairpins (could be my shit driving though), maybe make it a bit more 
- The damage model seems "nice". If I crash at 100km/h I would think that would be the end of my race, and possibly the car in career mode.
- I liked how in RBR the crowd helped you get your car back on track (with time taken into account)
- Random mechanical faults could be good, ie: need to hire better team members
- If different co-drivers are available, then they could have varying skill, ie: possible incorrect notes
- rocks that cause punctures, can carry spare.
- weather prediction for tyre choices, and maybe varying pressures for grip/speed 
- would be nice to turn on the wipers just before going through water
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I'd just like to thank Codemasters for going back to proper rallying, none of this Gymkhana, Ken Block, Travis Pastrami, over-the-top fireworks rubbish! Changes I'd like to see for the future would be: 

  • New countries, Finland, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand
  • More time allowed for shakedown, don't limit it to three runs, give us a timeframe, for example 1 hour and have that timer continuously going even while we're making tweaks to the setup in the service area. Have a dedicated shakedown stage for each country instead of random segments of stages like it is now.
  • More cars! There's a nice little selection at the moment but there are some big omissions (I understand it's only in early access of course). How about more from the 90s and early 00's? Lancer Evo VI and VII, the various Imprezas, Hyundai Accent, Skoda Octavia, Seat Córdoba, Peugeot 206 and 307. How about more choice in the FWD/Super 1600/F2 cars as well, stuff like the Citroen Saxo, Seat Ibiza, Renault Megane, 306 Maxi, Ford Puma, Escort Maxi, Skoda Felicia etc...
  • Sometimes when I leave the track I don't get given enough leeway before the game decides to put me back on track with a huge time penalty. Not sure if it's a bug or not but there have been a few times where I've had a couple of wheels stuck on a wall, about to get free and the game has automatically recovered my car and given me a penalty when I would've been able to get myself out of trouble far quicker,
Apart from that I'm really enjoying it, I haven't come across many bugs, I've had the occasional lack of co-driver audio but lots of people have mentioned it already too, sometimes he also goes a little bit out of sync for me but that can probably be changed by going into the options and making him call things earlier. Great change of direction for the DiRT series and hopefully in time this will be properly supported with the bug fixes and content it deserves. ☺️

Oh and I forgot to say the game is running beautifully, maxed out on an FX6350, 2GB HD7870 and 8GB of Patriot Viper Black Mamba on Win7.
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I am a new one. I detect maybe a bug, that sometimes when I drive trough hard cycles and I touch the "Flatterband", my car would reset with punishment of 15. sec.

Has anyone same Problems, or I am driven only bad :-)

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jeem said:
First of all, let me say that I'm a massive fan of what you guys have started with DiRT Rally. The sound, the graphics, the stages...all are very convincing to someone who has spent a lot of time in Richard Burns Rally. I even made a video!


Having read through the feedback post at the top of the page, I'd like to add my own opinions.

"4WD 2010's cars feel way to stiff. Should be a bit more slippery in overall"

I feel this applies to every car to be honest. It's very hard to get into a slide with any car, especially the GROUP B cars. All the power in the world can't make you rotate! On that same subject though, (power) it really feels like a lot of the cars are lacking in actual power. Now I know you don't often reach speed upwards of 80/90 mph in rally, but getting there is rapid. I always find myself holding a gear too long because I'm expecting more power to come.

The grip levels on snow and ice are also far too high (imo) If you watch any real life Monte rallies then you'll see that you have to crawl through icy sections if you're on the wrong tire. As it stands, going through snow with tarmac tires isn't really a challenge.

I really think if you guys want to me a real sim, then it would benefit you to look at/drive Richard Burns Rally. There's a very good reason as to why it's been considered the best Rally sim available for the last 10 years.

Apart from the above points, I am VERY excited to see how this progresses. 
I totally agree with you !!
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JorritVD said:

Why is the Mini WRC at the 00's WRC? Is should be together with the Polo, i20, DS3 and Fiesta. Also would like to see the Yaris with it. I also see the Beetle Rallycross car. Can we expect GRC aswell? 
Per Eklund will be running a Beetle in Europe this year, so the Beetle is no longer a GRC exclusive car. 
JorritVD said:

Glad that someone got a shot of this. I saw it when I was at CM's, but didn't get a chance to take it all in properly!
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as mentioned frequently: It does not quite feel that simulation-like right now, i can´t tell it in much detail, but somehow the overall grip is a bit too strong. 

The explanation of the "linearity" for the controller settings seems a bit unlucky, it reads like more linearity makes it less linear. Considering that linearity is a well known concept, you could maybe call the parameter "non-linearity". 

The way me and my friends played Dirt2/3 was, that we chased the GHOST CARS of the best times. Please implement Ghost Cars! ;-)  and/or replays.

Up to now i enjoy the game very much! (not much played yet, i have to admit)
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Grip seems to be too high in general. RWD cars should be waving their tail more to be honest. There are some occasions when stepping on the gas out of a tight hairpin my awesome sounding Escort MK2 really feels like a proper RWD car on gravel, but in general there is too much grip.

FFB needs to be looked at. It's nowhere neare pleasant as of now.

Drivning the M3 on the tarmac of Monaco did not feel good at all. I hope tarmac physics is goin to be improved. Alot.

I usually drive with my Wheel set att 900 degrees and saturation set a 50-70. Driving the Grp A Impreza felt quite good, but jumping in the Fiesta with the same settings was awful. Way too twitchy around the center of the Wheel.

I also noticed that the same car and the same Wheel settings, can feel different from stage to stage. First stage feels good and without a crash, next stage it feels like my settings have changed, the steering does not feel the same. Anyone also noticed this?

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* Someone else has also mentioned this, but the Auto-Reset can be annoying at times. If I fall into the trees or something, I'd like to see the crash rather than being instantly reset, and if I'm in a position where I feel I can recover, I'd like to have the time to recover. So many times I'm mere milliseconds from getting back on the road when the car's suddenly reset and I get a huge time penalty.

  In fact, let us disable Auto-Reset altogether. We already have the reset button. We can just press that if we get stuck and can't return to the road ourselves.

* The damage seems rather lenient to me. I'm pretty sure I've survived a bunch of crashes already that should have totalled my car. Unless Terminal Damage is switched off, in which case... Where Do I Turn It On From?!!

* I've mentioned this in the Wishlist a long time ago, but please put in wildlife and non-racing vehicles e.g. horses, quadbikes and tracktors etc., and some closed gates too. If some people find them annoying, then make them toggle-able.

* The Weather effects are great, but I've seen better. Look at DRIVECLUB, they have really nice weather effects and the rain/snow/other builds up over time.

* Dynamic weather - Give a general forecast of the day, and then have the weather change, so that the time when the first car left the start line (basically, when the Rally/stage starts) and on your position in the starting grid and speed through the stage determine what sort of weather you end up with, or whether or not it changes mid-stage. Like that time when Loeb, being the first on the road, got a tiny bit of rain whilst other drivers ended up racing on wet tarmac with dry tyres because it suddenly started raining.

* Some freak weather here and there.

* If we're not the first on the road, then there should be some sign that someone's gone before us, and some random events too, like catching up to a damaged/ultra-slowed car or going past someone who's crashed out.

That's all I for now. Overall, I am enjoying the game. Love it so much. Hopefully some of these requests make it into the final product. Thanks a lot for this wonderful game, Team DiRT!
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Thank you Codemasters! This is awesome so far!!!!

A few things i would like to see:
 - Proper FOV setup and the ability to move camera up, down, left and right to get the right view.
 - After crossing the finish, you have to slow the car down and clock your time with the officials.
 - A really good FFB
 - Making your wiper blades move manually having to wipe off water, dirt and dust. etc
 - Long rally stages 
 - A Heap of group A cars eg, Galant vr-4, Evo 1-3, Subaru legacy, Celica etc
 - When you crash i want to hear to Co-driver get mad at you or ask if you are okay if a big crash. also co-driver volumes up a bit more,

Once again Codemasters, Thanks!! ive NEVER been this excited for a game/SIM like this ever!!
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Just tryed.
I am DK2 oculus rift user it was nice to say the integration is good (except for mais menu) but need some thing:

-Key for re-center view
-Possibility to adjust seat position (without editing manually file
-Maybe some optimisation but it's early access pretty sure driver and game will be upadated in this way
-Possibility to have adjustable rotation wheel in game  (locked to 180)(i didn't found any setting for that)
In DK2 with low setting in rainning condition i have some glitch ( i will post pics later)

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