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DiRT Rally feedback list

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First of all you did a great job!
I am so happy you finaly released a new dirt!
So here are some wishes and improvments:
- the trees are very static(they dont move), so it would be awesome if you add like wind in the game, so that the trees are moving. That would make the tracks more alive.
- after the final release include the Steam Workshop, so modders can publish new tracks and cars
- allow to use stweefx( i tried the game with sweefx and it didn't launch)
- add a tuning system, so that you can chance for example the engine or the wheels

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My feed :

- Sometimes the menu is not responding and I have to kill the task

- That's pretty nice overall, nothing revolutionary from the previous Codemasters games, but it does the job. Would like some more specific elements in each track to help memory (villages, bridges or that kind of stuff...)

- I'm playing with a gamepad and it feels great and challenging. Don't feel enough difference between gravel and mud right now...

TRACKS WISHLIST : I know the tmeline is already planned, but here are some ideas to make a big rally game with lots of content. I knowthe original price is low, so maybe release like 5 or 6 environements next year as a 20€ DLC...
- Rally : Australia, Japan, one tropical location (Malysia, Thailand or so), Mexico, Argentina, Spain... With mixed sufraces if possible (mud / tarmac or gravel/tarmac)
- Hillclimb : Morocco (Atlas mountains, gravel), India-Darjeeling tea mountains (mix mud / tarmac), a snowy place (Alaska, Swiss Alps ?)
- Rallycross : there will be 3 tracks, maybe add one more to get all the surfaces types (tarmac, gravel, mud and ice), or mix them in tracks ? Also it would be nice to have variants of each location.
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First of all, I really like the game so far. Nice surprise to get the game back in a good old CMR games fashion. 
Most of my problems/wishes had already been mentioned, so no need to write em all again. 
But what else I´m missing so far, is the ability to disable automatic car reset. It´s sooooo anoying, if you almost recovered your car, but just a second too late. Programme resets you, you get an extra penalty and are robbed of the satisfaction, to have driven your car back on the track by your own. 
Please please please let us choose, if we want to be reseted automatically.
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CTR69 said:
own996 said:
First and foremost, split this feedback thread up into several subforums, because this is going to turn into one big unreadable mess.

Agreed, there should be sub-sections for graphics, sound, physics, cars, stages, UI,...
The list it's subdivided in almost these sections! ;)
And I think it will not be a big unreadable mess, because someone new or someone that wants to give new feedback will look at the list and see If it is there! If not they will give the new feedback and then I will put on the list! :smile: 

Btw list updated! Guys please have a read and PM me If I forgot something! :sweat_smile: 
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Can people please stop trying to turn this into RBR?
Newsflash: there are more rally enthusiast than community sorrounding DiRT 1, 2 and 3. If we get a proper sim, arcade physics could be included as well in options. Or You might get DiRT 4 with a bonus (Ken Block stuff). Cheers!
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If You are refering to me I was answering to another user who was complaining about the direction DiRT Rally is going (sim), so I proposed including arcade physics settings, and refered him to Dirt 4 if he wanted DiRT Rally to be arcade Ken Block genre. I hate that stuff as well as You do.
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SamRWD said:
If You are refering to me I was answering to another user who was complaining about the direction DiRT Rally is going (sim), so I proposed including arcade physics settings, and refered him to Dirt 4 if he wanted DiRT Rally to be arcade Ken Block genre. I hate that stuff as well as You do.

My apologies Sam! I didn't have time to read all the replies, its getting a bit much to  read everything up here after a working day. :)
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Add real-time deformable terrain like in the game "Spintires".

Add a better car damage model.

Better physics.

More Co-Driver voices. 

jayp666 said:


- Allow us to change language directly in menu, not only in Steam.

- Selected liveries for each car should be saved and stay as default as favorite.

- Personalized events is great and welcome but please add also a Quick race option where we can set the number of specials we want just like personalized events but without a service park, so we start with a brand new car between each specials.

- Number of kilometers for each special is not displayed as well as track layout.

- After a race, we have the special results as well as championship standing. If we hit enter it's not possible to go back to special results menu.

- When we hit finish line, the race finish...we should be able to continue driving to the service tent.


- Please more 8min special stages!!

- Wind sound increasing as the car is getting faster would help evaluate the sense of speed.

- Manual wipers please.

- Dust accumulation on windshield.

- Switch headlights on/off

- Add helicopters. (drones are very cool btw)

- Position of the grid should be dynamically simulated. Depending if you're the first driver of the day to race or the last, you can see track degradation and wear. For example, more rocks, mud and skidmarks, so starting last is more challenging. Just as in real life.

- We should be able to see cars behind and car starting in front of us, and be able to catch up with the front drivers.

-Add random events in race like crashed cars, rocks and obstacles, so the same special feels different even if you play it twice.

- Car in snow specials should swivel from left to right at the starting lines. I've seen this in many WRC videos.

Wishlist cars 2000s:

- Mitsubishi Lancer WRC '05

- Ford Focus RS WRC '06

- Subaru Impreza WRC '05

- Citroen Xsara WRC '05

- Skoda Fabia S2000

- Peugeot 207 S2000

- Suzuki Swift S1600

- Citroen C2 S1600

- Lancer Evo IX

Wishlist cars '90s:

- Toyota Celica GT Four ST165, ST185, ST205

- Toyota Corolla WRC

- Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI WRC

- Ford Escort WRC

- Ford Escort RS Cosworth Group A/N

- Seat Cordoba WRC Evo2

- Skoda Octavia WRC

90s kitcars:

- Seat Ibiza kitcar

- Peugeot 306 Maxi Evo2 kitcar

- Skoda Felicia kitcar

- Renault Clio Maxi kitcar

- Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk IV kitcar

Group B:

- Lancia 037

- Renault 5 Turbo Maxi

Pikes Peak:

- Audi Quattro S1 Pikes Peak

- Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak

- Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak


- Alpine-Renault A110

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It's nice seeing the split times when it appears in front of me when I'm driving, but it always pops up in a very technical section of the track and it will cover the road ahead.  It would be nice to have to split times moved higher on the screen so it doesn't cover your racing line!  

Scott Schinsky

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Well, I should be writting a bigger post, but heck, I don't have the time to read it all, so just my two cents:

- Clutch should be programable and used whenever the player wants to kick it
- Change the language in the game 
- Cars a bit more loose. The old car brake to much, and the new one's it's almost impossible to "drift"
- Did you ever drove in icy roads. Tarmac sections are good fun, but the cars have too much grip on the icy parts, really TOO freakin much
- Handbrake should let the back end slide, not just brake it, like in the Mini.
- A bit longer first gear. People who drive a rally, at least once knows that you'll use 1st a few times. Like it is in the game, just...meh doesn't do anything.
- Like the straigh setup system, but we should get a more decent one in something like "Go advanced". rFactor 1 had that kind of system.

- The stages, I think I jizzed a few times hehehe, specially with Sweet Lamb
- Sounds, Not the best, but generally they're really great
- The menus - Keep it simple. One of the games that I really like the most in that part was CMR2.0. This ones seem inspired by it :)
- Driver and car anymation - The gear shifter in the Escort moving around look brilliant. But it seems that it's the only car


- Replays- Loved the HeliCam and the stage view. Do not like the parts we're you follow the car like in the wheels, or when the film show the scared co-driver , or the driver. 


- Everytime I enter the game, I have to set my G27 and all the buttons. How it's not recorded into the game memory?


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Hi Codies!

First of all, congratulations on a fantastic starting point on what will become the best rally game to date! Colin would've been proud :) And, I am honored to have my name in the credits, thanks Lee! It's been fun to test a new game for the first time after having driven two rallies in real life so far this year, I hope my feedback can be of help.

I have been able to play the game for three hours this evening, and have taken notes after each stage. I must say, the stages you have produced are the most authentic and beautiful creations I have ever seen, really good job! For me, most of the evening came down to trying different steering wheel settings (I use a Logitech G25), and yes, finding good settings improves the overall experience a lot. I have altered the original ones quite a fair bit, I'll post my settings on the wheel settings thread tomorrow.

So, here are my notes for improvement based on this evenings gaming:

  • Handbrake not turning the car enough, but forcing understeer instead or a complete stop instead. It should apply more to the rear wheels, and not be as strong as it is for now.
  • I would like more sense of speed from cock-pit cam, and from the bumper. 
  • The WRC-cars don't seem brutal enough in the acceleration, and in the turn-in to the corners. I have sat on with a couple of WRC-cars in the past, and they are fierce machines!
  • We need a huge improvement on the force feedback all-round. I'm not feeling the ground and ruts, and the knocking the car gets over the jump.
  • Shorter geartimes for all cars, even the shortest ratio's are a little bit long.
  • There is too much grip overall, both in braking, accelerating and power sliding.
  • Longer braking distances. The way things are now it's hard to use left foot braking, as the brakes are too effective.
  • I would be nice if you could choose tyres during events.
  • Make it easier to maneuver the menus.
  • Let us slow down the car after the finish, instead of the game going over in a cut scene.
  • The handling is too twitchy, especially on small movements. It's a large difference from the real thing. Makes it hard to hold power slides as you very quickly get a snap back.
  • Extra twitchy steering bug, goes away if you press exit while waiting to start, and resume the gameplay. 
  • Too much unnatural understeer in the car handling? I find it a challenge to hold power slides without them ending in understeer. Could of course be down to car setup, but I would advice to improve the default car setup to something better.
  • Competitor cars starting before and after you, where are they?
  • Let us know how long the stages are in the menu.
  • Too much grip on slippery areas as in Monte Carlo. Ice patches and snow is extremely slippy on tarmac tyres.
  • Hissing noice in the bottom every time the co-driver speaks, noise from when you recorded the speech? 
  • I would like more distances in the notes, I don’t know how far it is between corners and crests at some points, which makes it hard to attack.
  • Swap the pace note "acute" with" tight hairpin", I have never heard of that note before
  • More gravel splattering noise under the car, it tends to go pretty quiet.

So, this is my input from my few hours of gaming. Hope it can be of use! :)

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I would like to see the Peugeot 205 t16 pikes peak as one of the hillclimb cars. I also have a bug were it wont let me map my clutch pedal even with it on H-patter with clutch. The pedal just isn't detected it works fine in all my other games, my wheel is the fanatec porsche gt3 v2 with csr elite pedals.
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Now that the co-pilot voice works, I've noticed it's hard to actually hear him. Even with all other sounds lowered to 50% (minimum), and the voice at 100%, it's still drowned by the engine. This is mostly true when in cockpit view.

I have a 5.1 surround setup and played with in-game audio settings. Nothing makes it better. Voices should be increased by default, especially for those wanting to play with no visual aids and in cockpit mode.

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If you guys are going to put other co-drivers, maybe allow players to choose them in Career Mode. Also give them different... i dunno, mentality? One co-driver will be scared if player crashed, other will be angry, third one ask "are you ok?".
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I think the wheel should rotate more than the 180º that it does right now...   it is very weird for someone playing with a racing wheel like me, (and is used to other syms, like race07 and stuff) to just see the wheel turning 180º... 
take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4Q0n8kUtJ8&list=LL-F9pnojvbKpu3ZEJ57wejA
He really has to play a lot with the wheel. 

and the force feedback could be better, especially in the first degrees of rotation of the wheel.  

Thanks ;) 
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  What would be a rally driver without his co-pilot? That's how we Brazilians, Lusitanian etc. we feel playing rally games without dubbing in our native tongue, for the vast majority does not dominate more than one language (Portuguese). We have to 'guess' the curves that lies ahead, and if we want to make a good time on stage, we need to run it several times to decorate.
  Great game franchises have already adopted the dubbing in Portuguese (The Last of Us, Halo, Far Cry, Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, Foza, Gran Turismo ... Codemasters games, F1, GRID ...) so why just a game that requires both voice lacks the dubbing? Unfortunate.
  Portugal hosts stage of the WRC and WRX, a country full of rally fans, Brazil is one of the biggest's market of games world, and not we have one co-pilot in which we can understand what say ... Sad.
  I await anxiously for a co-pilot who speaks my language in a DiRT game.

(If there are errors in writing, forgive me, I use Google Translate.)
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Ok well I wrote this last night right after I got done testing the game with a gamepad.  There's no real FFB anyways, so I guess it's probably the best way to play right now.  I am going to try the FFB "FIX" and try the game again. Below is what I thought after using an analog stick.


Wow I just downloaded the game and spent a few hours driving with a Sixaxis DS3 for now. Will get out the wheel later.. if it's even worth it, I don't know.

Ok, so the GFX are fine, but with some really nasty sprites and low res textures held over from PS3 days..   Overall fine. I can crank everything to ultra on my GTX670 OC x2 SLI setup and keep it above 60FPS pretty much all the time..  I guess that means you are trying to keep the Vram usage to below 2GB even with everything cranked up.  I'm using all Ultra settings and 4xMSAA @ 1080p and it runs very smooth with vsync on my old and trusty 60hz 52" Sharp Aquos. We all know how well Dirt3 runs though, so I guess we can thank the creators of that game for it's highly optimized code.  There are also  some nice affects. It's a racing game, GFX are "ok" for "next gen" or whatever. It's kind of cartoon-y though, I'd rather you went more on the realistic side, but oh well, I'm not going to complain about the GFX or how well the game runs in general. That is all good.

The sounds are really pretty good, that's probably the best thing about the whole game.

The PHYSICS are totally screwed up!  I mean what in the world?

Someone's idea of loose surface or gravel "physics" is to make the rear of the car slowly but constantly oversteer in whatever direction you last gave input, and keep slowly but surely oversteering until you correct it at which time the car will overseer very slowly in the other direction until you give another steering input to counter act it at which time it then starts slowly oversteering the other way.. repeat infinitum until you reach a sharper corner.

Take the Lancia Fulvia FWD to Greece..That is what this car does.  Funny thing is it seems all cars do that same  thing to one degree or another. Even the Impreza was doing it at Wales in the rain. I have an Impreza IRL, it doesn't even do that on ice or snow.    Cars do not act like that unless they are broken.

At this point, I'd say the entire thing is hopeless until you get someone to reprogram the entire physics "tweaking" someone did to the  Dirt3 physics engine.  You may as well just go back to stock Dirt3 physics and maybe increase the stopping distance or "power" of the brakes, because that would be infinitely better than this arcade/ broken cartoon gravel physics thing you have going on here.

It's so unrealistic the way the rear end of the car and only the rear is constantly  moving, but only in the direction of your last steering input. It never changed due to camber in the road or a bump or anything, nope, just waiting for you to hit that steering axis, and then no matter how small of an input you make, the rear end starts drifting slowly in the  the other direction, but it never ever just tracks behind the front wheels like a real car does 90% of the time..  That is not rally sim physics, that is a glorified  smart phone game.. and it has no basis in reality. You should be able to influence it with throttle, but that just makes it "go faster".. If you give the car throttle and shift the weight back, it should have more grip, not less. In Dirt 4, it just keeps on sliding.

It's like "busy-work" just driving in a straight line, or keeping the car pointed in any one direction you want to travel, it's not "fun" at all because it is counter intuitive and unrealistic.  Dirt 3 did not do this at all, you guys obviously added that part in, and now call it a "sim" because of the extra "difficulty"  there is when  constantly fighting with the car to keep it going in the direction of travel.
It doesn't feel like a sim unless you are trying to simulate a car with one or both of the rear toe links  broken and the car is wandering all over the place from the rear like a pendulum.  It's actually simulating a broken car- but no, it is just broken physics.

Milestone is better at this point and that is sad, and they are just blatantly  trying to copy Dirt3 in the first place.  I guess their "copy" of Dirt 3 physics is better in some ways than your "sim-ifi-cation" of D3 physics though. They are both pretty bad in their own way, but I have to say at least Milestone's WRC3 and WRC4 is fun to drive sometimes, kind of the same way Dirt3 is fun, but they didn't quite copy it close enough.

A vid I made of D3 PC back in 2013 just showing off how much fun it is.. and showing why I really still love  playing it.  You can tell that it is fun by the way the car is acting and how "alive" it is...  It isn't just randomly oversteering or losing control for random unknown reasons like in Dirt4.

I have heard about the non existent force feedback around the center, and the missing force feedback texture of the road in Dirt 4 Rally. I'll have to experience it for myself before I comment on it.
It is interesting that road texture is the exact same thing milestone had missing from their force feedback in WRC3 and WRC4. 

Here's why I keep calling it Dirt 4, because it is "Dirt 4".



So that is what I wrote after playing it last night.  I was really tired and fell asleep while on PC, so I figured I would just post it now. There may be potential there, but as it is, the physic are absolutely terrible with a pad and I fear there will be no major improvement with a wheel with terrible or non-existent FFB anyways.

I really think not much will get fixed if F1 2010 to F1 2014 is anything to go by.  I wish the people who made Dirt3 and that game engine were still working for CM because they knew what they were doing.  They should be the ones making Dirt4 /Rally..  Whoever has produced what i am playiong now doesn't seem to get it. FFB is extremely important. REALISTIC physics are extremely important. Those two things do not exist in Dirt Rally. It would take a major overhaul for DRally to to be anywhere near RBR in terms of physics and FFB. I just highly doubt that will ever happen with CM. I really hope I'm wrong.

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The game is already great, I would say thank you to Codemasters.

Only few suggestions...
change the game language from inside the game, mine was in french (I don't know why) and took me 15 minutes to realize the only way to change it was from the Steam menu.

Car crash are not very convincing, the car seems to light

ForceFeedback, good but not very convincing, nice during the turns but I'd like more feedback from the offroad ground... keep the car straight should be a challenge for our arms, now is a piece of cake.

Bencharmk test... only standard weather, It should run with all different conditions (rain, snow and night) for a more realistic result.

Co-driver voice too low... It should speak with you by microphone directly to your ears, I can only hear the awesome sound of engines.

Few different IA settings, from beginner to expert... now if you are not an expert on rally sim. the bar is too high.

But what can I say, It's an early access and already looks great, ok, maybe few defects right now but everything work well enough for me... thank you Codemasters for listening the racing community, the only other sim rally on the market was 10 years old
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