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only for codemasters dev

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1  hi codemasters yes i talk again for tarmac but seriously the tarmac with classic ( h1 , h2 , h3 and group B only rally category ) car is not good  i explain when i drive with classic car  i have impressions i drive with modern tyres ( i talk about hard tyre tarmac and rain tyre  ) is possible for the future games   you add really classic tyre look 

look this guy ( instagram : rallyes90s )he share classic rally car video   look the bmw e30 video 


the bmw e30 in DR 2.0 is not similar ( i put more high  ramp accelerations  and i push setup rear car in very hard( i no explain all setup ) ) but i no have same car  reactions 

i give other example i test 205 group B  and 205 RX  and i use same setup   the RX version when you sliding in tarmac part  is good  and the 205 group B is  not same i have sensation ( i start my slide but the grip comecack automaticaly is strange because the rear setup is more hard and i remove rear camber )( is always same problem for classic car  , you slide stop directy for enough if  you not stop you car  or if you  continue   your accelerate   you loose rear   ) 

personnaly for you future game with classic car you should ( add really classic tyre physics for classic car  and  more inertia for the tarmac ( not arcade slidding , need really inertia    ).



2 for the next , maybe  i understand why the pacenote have lot problem i look video of prewiew french pace note with sebastien prévot if you listen in 0:08 S.prévot he said " gauche 1 ferme " " left 1 close "  but the turn is hairpin left (or maybe hairpin left hidde)  and if you look the video  the car not slidding  on the hairpin  left  that why maybe me and other player said the pacenote are high ( remember i create topic for pacenote error and spain and italian player  reply me  for the same problem).




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