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Pure Gold achievement/trophy change idea

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There is currently a thread on these forums that goes into how a number of people believe the skill rating system in ranked multiplayer is unfair - https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/39591-f1-2019-skill-rating-system-broken-sg/



I mentioned in that thread that I had an idea of how to alter the achievement/trophy's requirements but, I believe, still requiring a large amount of time and effort to unlock.

Basically, I was thinking the other day that if the achievement/trophy was changed to something like "Achieve a gold skill rating OR complete 1000 ranked races" I'd be happy with that.

Achieving a gold skill rating is meant to show commitment,  dedication to improving, and skill. In my opinion completing 1000 ranked races shows the same thing and would be comparable to reaching Gold. 

I am sure that it didn't take any of the gold rated racers 1000 races to get there, have spoken to a guy that got the level 50 achievement when you had to basically "prestige" 3 times first, essentially getting to level 198, and he had completed less than 500 races to get that. So I think that 1000 ranked races wouldn't take anything away from the people that have the achievement/trophy under the current requirements.

If people wanted to go the 1000 races route to get the achievement/trophy they would probably get Gold on the way, I just see it as a way to extend the life of the multiplayer whilst removing the aggravation of the randomness of the other drivers.

It would also remove the difficulty of people being able to earn this in a years time when the MP base is all but gone, they just need to put the time in (assuming an average of 5 lap races taking 15 mins each (inc load times) that would be roughly 250 hours)


As I say, this was just an idea, I wanted to post it to see what people thought, if it's something the community would get behind, or should it stay as it is? ...  and we just hope the skill rating system is balanced in the future

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Well if they wanted to keep multiplayer alive they went about it the wrong way...

I have two trophies left (level 50/Gold skill rating) but I gave up and actually quit

multiplayer until they fix it or I won't bother with this one... 

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Understandable, and I think a lot of people think and feel the same way. That's why I'm hoping this might be a viable alternative and get the trophy/achievement hunters back into playing it again

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Yea, I play at night on the West coast, NA, not too many people in those lobbies

I raced the other day with 5 guys and came in second 4 times with NO points awarded.

Then a bunch of guys joined, I messed up my quali and got DSQ, started last then ran into

a guy that didn't like getting passed, ended up in the wall, came in last and lost about 30 points!

That was it for me... absolutely retarted.

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