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F1 2019 AI R&D

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My intention for this post is not to pile on as I have seen many other posts on this topic.   I am hooked to this game.  I am just seeking to implore CodeMasters to patch this asap as it feels like I am going nowhere and its simply taken the steam out of game.

For some context, in F1 2018 I played Haas and was a championship team in season 2.  A bit quick imo, but I chaulked it up to my own difficulty settings that I have been gradually increasing.

This year I am at 100% with Haas and R&D is quite the opposite experience.  I complete all practice programs, have done some efficiency/durability, always beat my rivals, complete most contract incentives (except the 24 points in 2 races) and consistently finish above expectations (5th-8th) , but I simply cannot keep up with the R&D comparative to *some* teams.

During Season 1, Ferrari exploded.  Literally 25% faster than every other team.  I could consistently develop enough to be middle of the pack, so the on track challenge was there.  I was leapfrogged by McLaren, Racing Point but was able to surpass RB and Merc (for some reason).

Season 2. Ferrari was still 25% better than everybody.  RB and Merc continued to remain stagnant, but the story of the year was Racing Point.  They took off.  Signed Hamilton and Verstappen and by seasons end were on par with Ferrari.  Their progress bar is sight to see.  Literally Majors, Ultimates every week even after the tech reset.

I thought to myself, "no way they were able to keep that pace and still complete the R&D resets".  (2 trees per year so far).  So I was hopeful for Season 3.

I advanced and Racing Point is now 25% better than Ferrari who dropped a bit.  McLaren increased their gap, Toro Rosso leapfrogged me, RB is now back above me and  Haas is sitting tied for 6th/7th with Merc.


Now I've read that every driver transfer grants the player and AI research points.  I have never transferred and obviously for the player's team, the co-driver does not offer research points even in the event of transfer.  Some teams are swapping drivers like hot cakes.  Racing Point for example.  They signed Hamilton and Verstappen *after* they signed other replacements for Perez and Stroll. That doesn't explain Ferrari's absolute dominance, but at lease they came back to earth after the R& D reset.

If this is the case and teams can double dip research points on driver transfer, can it simply be stopped.  Just give the player a small stipend of R&D points to make up for their new team's knuckleheaded development and let the AI naturally develop based on whatever their drivers can earn for them.





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