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F1 2013 / PS3 / G27 moan

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Does anyone else in this Forum or World for that matter have the 'F1 2013 / PS3 / G27' gaming stuff

I have, and I think I've wasted a lot of money.  I have been changing settings for weeks now and can't get anywhere near a realistic experience or lap within 15 seconds of the rest of the pack.  I only get points from others DSQ or DNF

Is it me, I don't think so.  I ranked 50 / 50 in the F1 2011 and finished in the top 5,000 out of 250,000 on the leader board

Have I gotten too old over the past 2 years or is F1 2013 a load of rubbish on PS3 and G27 wheel

I'd welcome a discussion on this topic. (Sorry if this is wrong to post, I'm new to this Forum)

Graham Moaner

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I don't use a G27, DFGT here, but I had the same issue.

F1 2012 felt perfect to me, after eventually sorting out all of the wheel settings until it suited me. I could never get F1 2013 to feel anything like as nice, eventually changing the settings pretty randomly and hoping for the best, which of course didn't help.

I think the main thing is how radically different the handling model is compared to the last few games, with a much slidy-er car, especially on the exits of slow corners. This is was the main cause of issues for me, even if I tried to be careful on the throttle.
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There are a lot of happy G27 owners out there as well, so I guess it's not wheel alone.
If you're lucky enough to be able to play F1 2013 WITHOUT V-sync ON, the wheel feels much greater.

However, I need that setting to be always ON, else the wheel is making unpredictable moves (sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right).
Maybe because my monitor is a max 60 hz? I donno..

That was the same in F1 2012, but somehow it felt much better.
In F1 2013, the track feels completely unpredictable, sometimes you have good grip in corners, other times not.
Also the turn-in feels kinda strange and unpredictable into corners.

I'm pretty sure that if Codemasters could/would do "something" to avoid the use of V-sync for Logitech G25/27 we will experience a much better handling feeling.

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Thanks for your comments, it's not just me then

I managed to get topside the lack of total traction control on 2013. It's become normal for me now to squeeze the hot pedal and not thump it down as with 2011.  This may loose a few thousands every turn, but I don't think it's a major issue for me.

I can't get used to all that free movement in the steering when driving down a long straight.  It's so slack it effects me on ever turn in on all the corners.  It's worse than a 1954 Land Rover.  If it was a real car you would kill yourselve first time out

I also gave up trying to make logical adjustments at one time and just put in random settings and that also failed miserably

Dare I ask, is there another racing game that works well on my hardware platform, I'm sick of trying with this one.  Or, is there a magical set of settings that makes this setup feel more like a car

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The best thing I've "learned" is to trust your eyes, not the wheel.
Try to avoid what the wheel tells you and go into the corners the way you know it should be possible.

G25/27 use a "differential" motor at center, and most games feels like none to little handling at center with those.
In sharp turns you have the best feeling of the wheel, but tbh I would love this to be opposit.

Other games like Assetto got a great FFB feeling (also at center position) but the car handling (at center) isn't much different.
I guess G27 must be THE wheel for drifting games.. try out GRID Autosport next month? ;)
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I use a G27 for ps3, works pretty good for me. FFB can definitely can be improved, but it doesnt really hurt my lap times.

Advanced wheel setttings- everything at 0
FFB- 100, 100, 0

Wheel weight can be played with, I move it up to 30 on certain tracks, mostly about preference

Hope it helps.
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I have d same wheel on ps3 and it feels cool, although I seem to be loosing about a second on my team mate in career in the twisting sector of every track, could be me though... Have environmental settings @ 100 % Throttle dead zone @10% And something on the steering @10% as well, can't remember what exactly it is now
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Thanks again for your comments

Just got back from a few days away and tried all your settings.  Sorry, didn't help my lap times

I also prefer settings that are as near to realistic as I can find

My best settings for me are:


SD 0

SS 65


TD 0

TS 80

BD 0

BS 95


EE 0

FS 70

WW 0

Try these settings and let me know how you get on

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