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Missing daytime and weather locations

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All locations : morning / dry : could look like New England sunset (midday but slightly more yellowish), without the rain and with the sun on the other side.

WALES : day / overcast - foggy / dry, day / overcast / wet, dusk / dry and dusk / rainy (Argentina dusk would fit).
GERMANY : day / overcast / wet and sunset / overcast / showers (like Poland)
NEW ZEALAND : sunset / overcast / showers and dusk / clean / dry
NEW ENGLAND : sunset / dry
ARGENTINA : sunset / overcast / showers (like NZ rainy dusk)

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also, sunrise, dawn and twilight for all locations would be nice, in addition to morning.. (And I know it's not but...) if it was possible to do a kickstarter for this, I'd happily chip in a few hundred dollars. that's how much I want this.

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