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Career problems

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Hi Codemasters, I'm new here. I own the game on ps4.

I would like to know something about the career mode in dirt rally 2.

I passed easily the first difficulty championship with a fwd H1 car but, after that, I started to have some problems. 

Clubman championship seems impossible to beat for me with every category of cars other than H1. 


I tried to compete different times with rwd and fwd H2 cars, with R2 cars, but I end nearly every stage of the rallies at 30 seconds from the first classified.

But if I try to race this championship with an H1 car, I win stages with an advantage of 20 or more seconds.

Now, I don't think I'm not so good with other classes of cars, when I race with them in live events I am placed always on 2nd and sometimes on 1st tier at the end...


So, I would like to know if this high difficulty with other classes that are not H1 is intended, because I must reach the higher difficulty with H1, or if I'm really bad at driving, or if there's something wrong maybe in my career save and a reset could help me to enjoy the game, because this situation is really frustrating.

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