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Logitech G29 Force Feedback Problem


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Hello, im using the G29 for PS4 and have Problems with my Force Feedback / Wheelweight.

There is some Force Feedback, but ist much too less as it should be, i dont know whats causing the Problem, so im asking you.

If someone can help me fix this Problem im willing to pay 50€ !

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Hi there, obvious question; but did you already adjust the force feedback settings in-game? If so, what are your settings?

Usually with wheels such as these, less is more for how high you want to go with the settings because the wheel can only handle so much. Setting it too high can saturate the effects and it will start clipping and overheating. It then reduces its strength (almost turns off FFB entirely) as a protective cooling measure. Basically, you can lose a lot of feeling if you have it set too high after just a few minutes of driving.

I recommend not going above 70-85 on the main FFB strength slider. For the damper setting, try somewhere between 1 and 5. It makes the feeling of the ffb a lot more direct. Also turn the "understeer enhance" setting off as that makes the wheel light when you steer too much.

Let me know if it helps! 

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