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Small Suggestions


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I created this topic to give some small suggestions to improve the experience or realism of the game. And here are some:

1 - The new track sector marker panel does not work exactly as it did in real life. In real life this panel has marked since the first round of each section of the classification. If the rider does not have a scheduled time, he already appears green and if at first he already has a better sector, it appears purple. I think it would be interesting if this were replicated in the game. Since for those who usually make only one lap in each section of classification, it becomes useless. It would also be nice if it worked within the training programs, showing along with the goals.

2 - In F1 2017, when we arrived in Q3, there was a tire marking that we marked the best lap in Q2. It was good to prevent us from making the first lap of Q3 with him and wearing him even further for the start of the race. And that was taken out in 2018 and 2019. It would be interesting if you returned.

3 - I think it would be more realistic if requesting new engine components cost resource points. I believe in real life, each extra component comes at an extra cost to the team. This would make the decision to request an additional component more difficult, since when we are on a small team it doesn't make much difference whether or not to punish. In this case, as it is more controversial and would affect the gameplay of some who enjoy the game as it stands, there should be an option to enable or not.

4 - Mechanical failures should happen to the player as well. I am not sure how to apply this, as the randomness would be quite frustrating. But one idea I have as an example is as follows. If we let the ERS bar zero, there could be a 10 or 20 second time to recover up to 10%, otherwise the component would fail. That is, a mechanical failure generated by our mistake. It would be quite interesting. Another suggestion would be a maximum time to use the rich or economical mix, and which could be improved in the development tree. Whether or not to enable this feature.

5 - Since in real life, apparently, only Mercedes and Ferrari engines have a more efficient mode for rating, the maximum fuel mix should not exist for Renault and Honda engines. And it was an option to be developed in the development tree of these teams.

These are some suggestions that I have to miss in the game. Most for career mode because it's the mode I play the most.

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Definitely bring back marking your q2 fastest lap tire.

On ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 7:26 AM, caiocrq said:

I think it would be more realistic if requesting new engine components cost resource points. I believe in real life, each extra component comes at an extra cost to the team. This would make the decision to request an additional component more difficult...Mechanical failures should happen to the player as well.

I think there's an element of "to finish first, first you have to finish" missing from the game, especially if you're a back marker or best-of-the-rest type of team. 

As it stands you can take a new set of power components any time you fail to make it out of Q1 and practically eliminate any power related durability / reliability concerns.  Also you're almost invariably better off taking the grid hit once or twice during a season than running with an ICE that's 75% worn and way down on power.  IE if I'm going into Russia with worn engine parts, I can take a grid hit and get all new components.  If I try to compete with a worn engine I'll get swamped from behind.  With all new components at Russia I know I can make up positions on both the front and back straights, so I can live with the pain and minimize the damage.


  • Extra engine components ought to come at a cost of resource points and the cost ought to be fairly substantial.  Don't have the resource points?  Tough luck;
  • We need a *reliability* factor in components -- some random chance of partial or complete failure;
    • A *partial* failure would be like an ICE or Turbo that is temporarily down in power, or an MGU-k that isn't harvesting at peak efficiency;
    • Complete failure of an ICE is race over, a failed MGU-k is basically Ricciardo at Monaco last year;
  • Component wear should effect reliability more so than performance, ie
    • <50% wear, very low random chance of partial failure (say, 1-in-50), very very low chance of complete failure;
    • 50-75% wear, some random chance of partial or complete failure;
    • >75% wear, you're skating on thin ice.  You might get to the end but if you don't it was your decision to not buy the extra engine components and take the grid hit;
  • The cost for purchasing durability / reliability upgrades ought to be relatively cheap.  Durability / reliability upgrades ought to be partially or totally reset at the start of each season.

If I'm going into Russia with worn engine parts, it's really going to depend upon where I am in the Championship standings and in the development of my car.  If I'm in the hunt, I'm kicking myself for not spending on reliability upgrades and thinking I might be better off purchasing the extra components, starting off down the pack and not risking a 0 point finish. 

If I'm down the leaderboard quite a ways, I might think it's worth taking a chance of a failure in return for saving a couple of thousand points to spend on other upgrades.








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3 hours ago, stephen31416 said:

Definitivamente, traga de volta para marcar seu pneu de volta mais rápida q2.

Eu acho que há um elemento de "terminar primeiro, primeiro você tem que terminar" faltando no jogo, especialmente se você é um marcador de costas ou o melhor tipo de equipe. 

Da forma como está, você pode adquirir um novo conjunto de componentes de energia sempre que não conseguir sair do primeiro trimestre e praticamente eliminar quaisquer preocupações de durabilidade / confiabilidade relacionadas à energia. Além disso, você está quase invariavelmente melhor ao acertar a grade uma ou duas vezes durante uma temporada do que correr com um ICE que está 75% gasto e muito abaixo da potência. Ou seja, se estou indo para a Rússia com peças de motor desgastadas, posso pegar uma grade e obter todos os novos componentes. Se eu tentar competir com um motor desgastado, vou ficar atolado por trás. Com todos os novos componentes na Rússia, sei que posso fazer posições nas retas dianteira e traseira, para poder viver com a dor e minimizar os danos.


  • Componentes extras do motor devem ter um custo de pontos de recursos e o custo deve ser bastante substancial. Não tem os pontos de recurso? Sorte difícil;
  • Precisamos de um fator * confiabilidade * nos componentes - alguma chance aleatória de falha parcial ou total;
    • Uma falha * parcial * seria como um ICE ou Turbo que está temporariamente inoperante, ou um MGU-k que não está colhendo com eficiência máxima;
    • O completo fracasso de um ICE é a corrida, uma falha de MGU-k é basicamente Ricciardo em Mônaco no ano passado;
  • O desgaste dos componentes deve afetar a confiabilidade mais do que o desempenho, ou seja,
    • <50% de desgaste, chance aleatória muito baixa de falha parcial (digamos, 1 em 50), chance muito baixa de falha completa;
    • 50-75% de desgaste, alguma chance aleatória de falha parcial ou total;
    • > 75% de desgaste, você está patinando em gelo fino. Você pode chegar ao fim, mas se você não o fizer, foi sua decisão de não comprar os componentes extras do motor e tomar o impacto da grade;
  • O custo para adquirir atualizações de durabilidade / confiabilidade deve ser relativamente barato. Os upgrades de durabilidade / confiabilidade devem ser total ou parcialmente redefinidos no início de cada temporada.

Se eu for para a Rússia com peças de motor desgastadas, vai depender de onde eu estou na classificação do Campeonato e no desenvolvimento do meu carro. Se estou na caçada, estou me chutando por não gastar em atualizações de confiabilidade e pensando que talvez seja melhor comprar os componentes extras, começar a descer a embalagem e não arriscar um acabamento de 0 pontos. 

Se eu estiver no topo da tabela de líderes, acho que vale a pena correr o risco de falhar em troca de economizar alguns milhares de pontos para gastar em outras atualizações.








Great! I fully agree. And as many may not like, I would put as an option in the menus whether or not to enable this engine simulation mode.

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