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What the hell you built those gross things?Opponents which with ZERO point of performance can pull back their cars to the track at any speed, any corner and they can even run faster by making mistakes???!

You may ask why I dont hit them, all I can tell is that ive tried in Shanghai when i was runing at 300km/h and hit my so called OPPONENT, i was assuming like what you may assume that the OPPONENT must be kicked out. Ironically, it (yeah i use it to describe such a opponent) was knocked coldly and hard, I guessed that it may worked, but  I rushed out from the last second corner, it stayed in the track and driving like nothing happend to it, even still following the racing line...

When things come to me, things wont be that fortunate. More than once I was knocked out by bots and more than multiple times they framed me by squeezing, knocking and causing " traffic jam" when I was driving through a corner, they like to mess things out, if you fall into the traps, you lost the race.

So CODEMASTERS, where the EQUITY exists?

After 3600pts, elite 4,you match bots to race with me, i can hardly find a human player in duel!!Thus, what ive said above can occur over and over, ARE YOU CODEMASTERS FORCING US TO BY MORE GOODS IN GAME? NO WAY TO PAY SUCH A CHEATING GAME!!!

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