Ps4 , U.K.  T300 ,Racing rig, league owner,, Ffb is broken for wheel users ,last patch it worked was patch 1.05 , many people have detailed about Ffb and with each patch or update it's got worse , nothing has been done ,this game was brilliant when first released and many people praised what a great sim F1 2019 was, pad vs wheel was equal,. It's not anymore , how can you not listen or ruin the ffb in 3 patches, so it had to be done on purpose to open another part of the game up, think of it as a pie chart, ive asked Sony ps4 for a full refund and been told to ask codemasters instead for full refund , senna vs Prost £65 bought from Sony psn store uk , i simply cannot understand why you would allow the fist official F1 sim With great tyre physics on release to be completly spoilt in 3 patches, only you know the answer codemasters and you are not forthcoming , i hearby request a full refund ,Sony uk have all the details, you have my address and my phone number ,  if you would like to rollback to patch 1.05 and make all of your wheel customers happy then that's down to to you, there hundreds of posts from around the world detailing how muted Ffb has got, pall your hard work has been undone in 3 patches, i await your response , Sony are aware, many thanks