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Can FPS performance be tweaked in rainy conditions?

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Although the weather effects are brilliant,  there is a severe hit to fps performance. So unless you have an uber pc,  you need to decide whether to afjust graphics for fine weather or poor weather.  Would be useful if the weather settings could be tweaked a little more to allow a more equitable performance,  in terms of fps, for any given combination of graphical  settings. 

Could the graphics be auto-scaled when it is raining? Or maybe you could  have more sliders and explanations as to what the weather sliders actually do?   

Alternatively the main graphics such as tree quality or textures could be reduced automatically when it is rainy. Otherwise it becomes a real pain requiring constant tweaking, compromising on graphics settings,  or a monster pc -  when it wouldn't matter!  

Just a thought. 
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I have a hi end PC, with 2x980.

In benchmark mode (triple screen) all at ultra: 
Min:63 Fps
Med:78 Fps
Max:89 Fps

But at night in rain: I can´t maintain 60 fps, it deeps into 45/49 (windshield view) 

Only in the chase cam, i can have vsync On, but this is a sim, I can t drive in outside view

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind some sort of auto-scaling graphics when it's raining. The rain looks great, but cuts my framerate in half, from 30 fps to ~16 fps. This is with medium settings and 2xMSAA, and adaptive vsync (half refresh rate) on a GT 750M. (Edit: With AA off, the drop is to 22-25 fps.)
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I don't really trust the benchmark. My test showed 80+fps, max 100+. But if your getting 30 out of it then maybe fps should be a considered. The casual gamer should be able to play too, right? Or, it could NOT be automatic, and the person be able to scale down with his or her own computer until they inevitably upgrade. You know?
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